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There’s never a better feeling in the world then when you release a new book. It’s like a beautifully wrapped present just waiting to be opened. Today marks the fifteenth book that I’ve published and I hope you’ll enjoy the continuing saga of Lady Freya of Berwyck and Sir Charles de Grey in To Love An English Knight: De Wolfe Pack Connected World. I’ve given you a brief excerpt, my lovelies. Happy reading and enjoy my latest book baby!


Now was the time to set her plan into motion. She only needed to make her way to the stables to change! In her haste to quicken her own departure from Berwyck, she dodged around one knight and then another before she ran straight into one. ’Twas as though she had run into a wall. She mumbled an apology, but arms of steal wrapped around her waist.

“Where do you go in such a hurry, Lady Freya?”

 That voice… Was there anything else in this world that could make her insides quiver in delight than to hear such a tone as his?

Lifting her head from examining his tabard, her eyes met his, and she could see he was amused. ’Twas a startling surprise considering their past was littered with her mistakes that had cost him so much. He had hated her for months since their return from Caen, and she could hardly blame him.

“Sir Charles,” she said while a small smile lifted at the corners of her mouth. “I thought I would return tae the keep and up tae the battlements tae watch everyone’s departure.”

An amused chuckle rumbled in his chest as he let go of her. For one brief instant while he held her, her heart rejoiced at being in his arms. He pointed in the opposite direction from where she had been heading. “The keep is that way…or have you forgotten?”

Her eyes widened as she realized she had been caught in a lie. Instead of admitting she had other motives, she cocked her head to one side to examine him more closely. “Are ye perchance jesting with me?”

“Mayhap, although you are going the wrong way if ’tis your intent to return to the keep,” he replied while his eyes crinkled at the corners.

To Love An English Knight:
De Wolfe Pack Connected World
By Sherry Ewing
$0.99 or read for FREE in Kindle Unlimited!

Can a chance encounter lead to love?

Sir Charles de Grey is in turmoil. He cannot forget the Scottish lass he kissed in Caen, but her jealous spite toward the lady he was sworn to guard infuriated him. Living at Berwyck Castle, he is torn between his desire for Lady Freya and his need to rebuke her sometimes reckless behavior. Leaving her almost tears him apart, but it might give him time to recover some balance.

Lady Freya of Clan MacLaren didn’t expect to become blinded by love until she became quickly besotted on first seeing the English knight in Caen. How quickly everything fell apart when she defies him! Even worse, when he begins to show signs of returning her feelings, he receives a message from home that will tear them apart. Defying him again may put an end to any chance they may have together, but what other choice does she have when he leaves her?

Can the fragile love they found blossom into something more or will circumstances beyond their control continue to provoke behavior that keeps them apart?

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