Medieval Monday with guest Bambi Lynn

I’d like to welcome Bambi Lynn as my guest today for Medieval Monday. Read on for a snippet from her book Mask of the Highlander and don’t forget to leave her a comment! Happy reading and enjoy!


When that did not happen, she gave in to her debilitating fear and gave up trying to remain calm. She shook so hard, she worried her knees would give way. Just a few hours ago, she had been at peace, content in the belief that her husband would never return, and they could live out their days in peace. Oh, the difference in such a short time.

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Once she was afraid to touch him. Now she’s afraid to let go.

Forced to marry to avoid war between clans, Kenna Cleary endured three days of her new husband’s painful brutality before he rode off to battle the English. In the five years of his absence, she bore him a daughter, increased his holdings, and gained the love and respect of his people. Now he’s home. Must she and the clan learn to endure his cruelty once more?

The Laird of Domhnul has returned from war a changed man—moreso than his wife or clan can possibly know. Now the warrior faces a new battle, one for his wife’s heart, and his peoples’ trust. He must walk the knife’s edge of deception and danger, while proving he is no longer the cruel tyrant they came to know all too well.

But when his father embroils both them in a deadly plot, can the couple find a way to prevent war between the clans?





First Kiss Friday with guest Jasmine Haynes


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It’s First Kiss Friday and it’s a pleasure to welcome back my guest Jasmine Haynes who is a NY Times & USA Today bestselling author. Today Jasmine will share an excerpt from Fair Game. Take it away Jasmine!

Thanks so much, Sherry, for having me on your First Kiss Friday blog! You always give us such great excerpts, whether they’re yours or from other fabulous authors. And it’s an honor to be here today.

So I have to tell you about Josie and Kyle’s first kiss in Fair Game. This couple are a little different, some might even call them kinky. And they actually get veeeery intimate before they ever kiss. I know, they do it all backwards! But that’s one of the reasons I love them, because they’re sexy and fun-loving…and they aren’t looking for love. But just maybe love is looking for the two of them. And they can’t get away from fate!

So here is Josie and Kyle’s first kiss…after they’ve had a little fun in the dressing room!

Fair Game (Castle Inc, Book 3) Excerpt:

Bastard. He’d made her lose control again, and it was too damn good. He stood in front of the dressing room mirror knotting his tie while she struggled to get all her clothes back on. Her legs felt weak, her head light, and she wobbled as she stepped into her shoes.

That’s exactly how he made her feel, off balance, all wobbly. She was supposed to have come out of this the victor over him. Instead, he’d given her a cataclysmic climax to which her body still thrummed.

He gave the tie a last pat into place and pulled on his suit jacket. “Which one do you want?” He held up the silver bustier, then the red one.

Josie flipped the price tag. “Two hundred dollars?” She puffed a breath out and looked up at him. “Forget it.”

“I liked you in the silver. With the stockings.”

“I do not have two hundred bucks to spend on something like that.” She yanked her jacket up her arms.

“I’m not asking you to pay for it. It’s a present.”

“I don’t accept presents that expensive.” Which her mother thought totally appalling. After all, a woman was worth as much as a man was willing to spend on her. And usually more. Josie had never liked the obligation. A man could think he owned you if he gave you lots of pretty things. That made it too easy for him to take something away, like your sense of self-worth. You were special only if he thought you were special. She wouldn’t depend on a man, and she wouldn’t owe him anything either.

Kyle tipped his head to one side. His eyes seemed bluer, maybe picking up the blue stripe of his tie. Dark-haired guys weren’t usually blue-eyed, they were either brown or hazel, and certainly not that deep shade.

Then he sighed. “Fair enough. How about the stockings?” He flipped over the package she’d stuck the fishnets back into. Reading the price, he held it up for her to see. “This okay?”

She felt kind of stupid, making a fuss about it, since it didn’t seem like a big deal to him. “Yeah. That’s fine.” Jeez, twenty bucks for a pair of nylons with holes in them. “Thank you,” she added, then started gathering all the hangers off the hooks.

“I do think the saleslady will clear those up for you.”

She considered, then put them all back except for one pair of frilly, excessively girly panties. She was just full of ideas these days, and she was having a brilliant one right now.

Outside in the main shop, the saleslady beamed, even if they weren’t carrying the expensive corset. “Oh, you’ve found what you wanted,” she said, the smile in her voice, too.

Okay, so she probably hadn’t heard what was going on in the dressing room for—Josie glanced at her watch—good God, half an hour.

“The stockings were amazing,” Kyle said. If Josie could see his eyes, she knew they’d be sparkling. He handed the package to the woman who headed back behind the glass-topped sales counter.

“And don’t forget this one, honey.” Josie held up the frilly underwear, then batted her eyelashes at him as she laid the hanger on the counter beside the stockings. “They looked perfect on you.” Then she winked at the saleswoman. “They were a tad small, but then he’s such a big man, I don’t think they make them large enough.”

Kyle started coughing, covering his mouth, and dammit, his eyes were still sparkling. Oddly enough, the clerk didn’t lose one centimeter of her smile as she rang everything up.

Outside, Kyle grabbed her hand and pulled her around a corner. “Naughty little bitch,” he said, just before his mouth came down on hers.

Oh my Lord. His mouth. Heaven. She’d never been a smoocher. But God, she could make out with this man for hours. He tasted of breath mints, his lips were warm, his tongue expert. The kiss lasted fifteen seconds, but it left her dizzy. And wanting more.

He shoved the bag of lingerie into her hands. “Payback is coming,” he whispered.

Fair Game Blurb

Between them, everything is fair game…

Josie Tybrook is obsessed with her career and proving herself in the family business. Late for a meeting on the latest project she’s in charge of, she pushes her way onto a packed elevator car. When the elevator lurches slightly, jostling her into the very sexy man standing behind her, Josie can’t resist one single naughty act. And nothing will ever be the same.

After that risqué encounter in a crowded elevator, Kyle Perry wants way more out of Josie than simply having her run his refurbishment project. When she’s determined to keep everything business, Kyle has no choice but to issue a sizzling erotic challenge Josie can’t resist. They embark on a passionate secret affair that quickly escalates to a battle of wills, the sexual challenges heating to the boiling point.

But when Josie is faced with losing everything she’s worked so hard for, will the final battle be for her heart?

Learn all about the Castle Inc series on my website! And read more excerpts!

The Fortune Hunter, Book 1, Faith & Connor

Show & Tell, Book 2, Trinity & Scott

Fair Game, Book 3, Josie & Kyle


NY Times and USA Today Bestselling author Jasmine Haynes loves giving readers sexy, classy stories about real issues like growing older, facing divorce, starting over. Her books have passion, heart, humor, and happy endings, even if they aren’t always traditional. She also writes gritty, paranormal mysteries in the Max Starr series. As Jennifer Skully, she writes laugh-out-loud romantic comedies laced with a heavy dose of mystery. Look for Jennifer’s new series written with Bella Andre, starting with Breathless in Love, The Maverick Billionaires Book 1. Having penned stories since the moment she learned to write, Jasmine now lives in the Redwoods of Northern California with her husband and their adorable nuisance of a cat who totally runs the household. Join her newsletter for updates on contests, new releases, and freebies by going to


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Happy Valentine’s Day!


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Happy Valentine’s Day to all my lovely readers!

As a romance writer, today is a day I celebrate the happily ever after’s I’ve created for my characters. This day is all about love and happy couples.


If you’ve read my work, you know I’m all about pulling my characters apart before I bring them together. Sometimes it’s the villain, whether male or jealous female, or Time itself that creates the obstacle.

But no matter what is driving my plots forward, you can be sure that by the time you reach the last page of my books, you’ll have a big sigh moment and maybe even shed a tear or two that love has won the day.


Lovers throughout time have had their images painted to reflect the mood of the romance they hold dear to their hearts. As an author, I’ve had my own ups and downs when it comes to cupid’s arrow. Until that next knight in shining armor finds me, I continue to have hope that his armor hasn’t turned to rust and he’ll turn up when I least expect him.

So until we meet again between the covers of my books, my Knights of Berwyck and I wish you and yours a very Happy Valentine’s day.

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Medieval Monday with guest Ruth A Casie


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On today’s Medieval Monday, I’d like to welcome my guest Ruth A Casie who is sharing her snippet from The Guardian’s Witch. Isn’t her cover just stunning? Be sure to show Ruth some love by leaving her a comment and happy reading!

Excerpt from The Guardian’s Witch:

She exploded out of the forest and stood on the riverbank as the bridge gave way, sending the horse and rider plunging into the angry current. Swiftly the horse surfaced and headed for shore with an empty saddle. She stood on the bank, still mumbling as she scanned the river until she glimpsed a clear red aura shining deep in its middle. Her relief was momentary when the blackness began to creep in. There wasn’t much time.

Back Cover Copy of The Guardian’s Witch

England, 1290

Lord Alex Stelton can’t resist a challenge, especially one with a prize like this: protect a castle on the Scottish border for a year, and it’s his. Desperate for land of his own, he’ll do anything to win the estate—even enter a proxy marriage to Lady Lisbeth Reynolds, the rumored witch who lives there.

Feared and scorned for her second sight, Lisbeth swore she’d never marry, but she is drawn to the handsome, confident Alex. She sees great love with him but fears what he would think of her gift and her visions of a traitor in their midst.

Despite his own vow never to fall in love, Alex can’t get the alluring Lisbeth out of his mind and is driven to protect her when attacks begin on the border. But as her visions of danger intensify, Lisbeth knows it is she who must protect him. Realizing they’ll secure their future only by facing the threat together, she must choose between keeping her magic a secret and losing the man she loves.

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First Kiss Friday with Pamela Gibson



Welcome to another First Kiss Friday. Today’s guest is Pamela Gibson, who is a author of our local Romance Writers of America Chapter. We hope you’ll enjoy this excerpt. Take it away Pamela!

Hi Sherry. Thanks for letting me share an excerpt from my favorite book in my Love in Wine Country series, Sauvignon Blanc to Sigh For.

Sam and Sarah have been best friends since the sixth grade. Sam is tall, gorgeous and macho. Sarah’s petite, cute, and organized. Both have had relationships, but nothing has ever quite jelled.

When Sam gets an opportunity to showcase his amateur winemaking skills and maybe win a hefty prize—enough to open his own tasting room—he cons Sarah into giving up a week of her vacation to help him. Sarah plots a bit of revenge, but nothing to jeopardize Sam’s chances. The competition is in Lake Tahoe, one of her favorite places.

Sarah is a city planner, but she’s also a gourmet cook. The competition Sam has entered pairs wine with food, with competitors being eliminated each day, until only one is left. They aren’t told which of five wine varietals they’ll have to pour each day and have brought food to pair with each one.

Sarah has sent Sam into their cabin’s kitchen to fix hot chocolate while she looks over his scoresheets from the day past. Then something unexpected happens.


He checked the cupboard, taking out the plastic box. The one next to it was larger. It contained flat, almost paper-thin vanilla cookies. He put a handful on a plate and shoved a few into his mouth. They melted on his tongue.

“What are these little cookies? They’re terrific.”

“Don’t you dare eat those. They’re to be crumbled into a pie plate as a crust for a dessert I’m considering if we draw cabernet sauvignon.”

“Too late,” he mumbled as he chewed.

“Sam.” She jumped up and put the computer in the chair, rushing into the kitchen. Snatching the container from his hands, she put it back in the cupboard, checking the milk heating on the stove.


“How many did you eat?” She put her hands on her hips and glared.

He tried to grin, but his mouth was stuffed with cookies. He held up both hands, folding down a thumb and one finger.

“Eight? What if we don’t have enough for the dessert? What do we do when we draw cabernet?”

He swallowed, trying not to laugh. She looked like a little street fighter, ready to take on the world over vanilla cookies. Her face was scrunched up, and she glared at him, standing her ground. She looked formidable. No, she looked adorable.

“Hey, it’s not the end of the world.” He finally got words out.

“There’s a crumb on your chin.”

“Yeah? Want to lick it off?”

“You’d like that, wouldn’t you, Mr. Macho Ladykiller?”

“Yeah, I would.”

That brought their playful banter to a screeching halt, and they stood there looking at each other. Her mouth softened, and her breathing seemed to still. A soft curl hung next to her face, and her eyes were half closed behind her glasses.

He reached out and pulled the glasses off, setting them carefully on the counter behind him.

“What are you doing?” Her whispered words belied the look on her face. He was sure she knew exactly what he was doing.

He didn’t speak. He reached out and put the errant wisp of hair behind her ear. Leaning down, he brushed his lips against her cheek. Her eyes fluttered and closed, her hands clenched at her sides. His lips moved slowly over to her closed mouth, pressing softly, until it opened for him.

Neither of them breathed.

The smell and sizzle of burning milk filled the air. Sarah took a step back, grabbed her glasses and turned off the stove.

“Here, I’ll make the hot chocolate. Go sit down and start reading the reports.”

He stood in place for a minute longer, watching her deal efficiently with the mess on the stove.

Why did I do that?

Taking a deep breath, he went back to the chair and picked up his score sheets, staring at them blindly. Ears registered sounds. The refrigerator door opened, a spoon clattered in a ceramic cup, water ran in the sink.

“Here.” She handed him a cup and set a muffin down beside him. “If you’re hungry, you can eat one of the cranberry muffins I brought for breakfast.” She sat down and picked up the laptop. “Now, where were we?”

Somewhere I never expected us to be.


Is it friendship or is it love?

Sarah James has always wanted to be part of a family. Her divorced parents are estranged and she has no siblings. But she does have friends, especially Sam, who’s always underfoot…eating her food, fixing stuff in her house, and seeking advice about his love life.

Aspiring winemaker Sam Reynoso has taken care of Sarah since the sixth grade. She’s smart, comfortable, and indulgent. They’re best friends until a wine and food pairing competition throws them together in an intimate, tension-filled setting.

As feelings neither of them expected start to emerge, each will have to decide if their  relationship will evolve, or if their newfound love will be nipped in the bud by a crushing secret.

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About the Author

Author of nine novels and eight history books, Pamela Gibson is a former City Manager who lives part time in Northern California’s wine country and part time in the Nevada desert. Having spent the last three years messing about in boats, a hobby that included a five-thousand-mile trip in a 32-foot Nordic Tug with her patient spouse, she now spends most of her time indoors happily reading, writing, cooking and keeping up with the antics of her gran-cats, gran-dog, and gran-fish. Sadly, the gran-lizard went to his final reward. If you want to learn more about her activities go to and sign up for her quarterly newsletter. Or stalk her in these places:






Medieval Monday with guest Jenna Jaxon


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Today’s guest for Medieval Monday is Jenna Jaxon who has an excerpt from her novel Betrayal. Be sure to show Jenna some love by leaving her a comment and happy reading!


Beg pardon, Ysabel.

Their dalliance had lasted longer than expected, though the passion had burned bright throughout. Even so, they were done. She had to find another lover or return to her husband. If he chose to stray now, he would be more discreet about it, for Alyse’s sake.

Alyse, who most likely cursed him for a liar. He could calm her fears when they were abed, but for now he had to play his part eagerly. Thank God the sight of her in that wisp of a garment had inflamed him mightily. Most of these people would believe he would be inside her the moment the curtains were drawn. So much the better. No doubt Alyse thought the same.


The worst betrayals come from within.

After a night of passion with her betrothed, Sir Geoffrey Longford, Lady Alyse de Courcy is eagerly looking forward to her wedding. But when Geoffrey is forced to marry another, a heartbroken and possibly pregnant Alyse finds herself in her own private hell. She must either gamble with her reputation or marry someone she does not love.

A reputed connoisseur of women, Thomas, Lord Braeton, has dallied with many ladies of King Edward’s court, although he has favored none. However, as Geoffrey’s best friend, Thomas has sworn to serve and protect Alyse, an oath now sorely tested when he agrees to marry her—in name only—to guard her reputation. Yet, as they grow closer, and Thomas discovers Alyse’s sweet but spirited nature, he comes to desire a marriage in truth.

Can he overcome her memory of Geoffrey, or is Thomas doomed to burn with passion for a woman he can never possess?

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First Kiss Friday with guest R.L. Merrill



Today on First Kiss Friday I’d like to welcome my guest, R.L. Merrill, who will be sharing an excerpt from her M/M novel Hurricane Reese. Take it away, Ro!


Thank you so much Sherry for having me on First Kiss Friday!

Today I’m sharing with you the first kiss of my two guys thrown together while caring for one ornery octogenarian. Reese Matheson is a newly minted Tony winner for his first musical and he’s decided to come home and take care of his grandfather who suffers from Alzheimer’s. He’d hired live-in caregiver Jude De La Torre while he was on the road and figures the guy can just go stay with family or something when circumstances necessitate Reese moving in. That, however is not the case. Jude is a proud young man who is determined to take care of himself and not put his family out; family who is already caring for his younger siblings while his parents are in the Philippines caring for his grandparents. So he’s been living in his truck for about two weeks at this point when Reese discovers the results of his actions.


The sound of someone pounding on the car woke Jude the next morning, and the first thing he saw was Reese’s handsome face, which looked furious.

“Open up this door right now.”

The humiliation overwhelmed Jude. He turned away from Reese’s angry face at the window of his Pathfinder and wondered if he could disappear if he just closed his eyes tightly enough. It could happen. He used to play that game with his father when he was a boy. He’d close his eyes, and his father would pretend he’d become invisible. Jude would laugh and laugh while his father looked all over for him.

“Jude, I swear if you don’t open this door, I’ll break the window.”

Jude climbed over the backseat and opened the door, but he refused to speak. He kept his arms wrapped around himself to hide the fact that he was shaking uncontrollably.

“You mind telling me what you’re doing sleeping in your car outside my house? Are you crazy?”

Jude tried to keep the tremor from his voice. “I’m perfectly sane. One could ask you what you’re doing outside before dawn shouting at me.”

Reese blanched, leaned closer, and rested his arm on the roof of the car. “Please don’t tell me you’ve been doing this since I came home.”


“Okay what?” Reese asked, his voice growing more tense by the second.

“Okay, I won’t tell you that,” Jude replied and bit his lip to keep the nervous laughter at bay. He might have lied when he said he was perfectly sane.

“Why are you smiling? You have been, haven’t you? Dammit, Jude. Why didn’t you tell me?”

Any trace of humor evaporated. Jude raised his eyebrow at Reese.

“What would it have mattered to you? You’d already made up your mind to move in. I was in the process of finding a place when you asked me to come back,” he lied.

“But your family—”

“My family has their hands full. They’re already caring for my brother and sister.”

“You have siblings? Where are your parents?”

“In the Philippines. Reese, what are you even doing out here this early?”

“I was just going to run to the store and grab some coffee. We’re out. And I knew you’d be here soon. I just didn’t know you were already here.”

Reese peered around the inside of the car, furthering Jude’s embarrassment. He looked in the back where Jude had been sleeping and noticed all the neat piles of clothes and books.

“You know, most people who live in their cars are like trolls. Even your piles of clothes are color coded. Hey, you own jeans. I was beginning to think you only wore scrubs.” He chuckled, and Jude’s embarrassment turned to anger. He reached over to pull the door closed, but Reese blocked him.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Reese asked, the humor fading from his voice.

“I’m leaving. What does it look like?” Jude tried to tug the door shut, not even concerned about smashing Reese’s perfect hands. It would serve him right.

“The only place you’re going is in the house. No wonder you’ve been so exhausted. You’re going to come in, shower, and get in my bed.”

Jude’s eyes flared, and he started to argue, but Reese held a finger up to his lips.

“As much as I’d love to join you there, now’s not the time. We’ll just take turns. Now grab what you need. You’re moving back in.”

Jude pulled away. “You can’t just order me around. You—”

Reese snaked an arm around Jude’s back and pulled him in for a kiss so quickly that a very stunned Jude could only open his mouth to object before Reese’s tongue filled it. Shocked, Jude tried to push him away, but Reese scooped his other hand under Jude’s ass and pulled him forward to bring their bodies flush against each other, Jude’s legs spread against Reese’s hips. When Jude would have fought harder, Reese bit down on his lower lip and growled low in his chest.

Kissing Reese was everything Jude feared it could be—overwhelming, intoxicating, and probably addicting. Jude forgot about all the reasons he shouldn’t be kissing Reese, slid a hand around his back, and pressed their chests impossibly close together. Jude couldn’t help smiling when Reese moaned his appreciation. Reese may have started the kiss, but Jude met his enthusiasm, stroke for stroke. A sort of quiet chaos built between them as they each finally gave into a chemistry that Jude didn’t quite understand. How could Reese make him so angry, turned on, grounded, and upheaved all at the same time?


Tony award-winning musician Reese Matheson’s life resembles a natural disaster, and caregiver Jude De La Torre is caught in the eye of the storm. Can the love these two opposites find together survive caring for an ornery octogenarian with wayward balls and a meddling family insistent upon tradition?

A public break-up is not what Reese expects upon returning from the successful run of his musical in London. All he wants to do is spend time with his beloved grandfather and musical mentor, who suffers from Alzheimer’s. Reese knows he doesn’t have much time left before the elder Matheson doesn’t remember him. In classic “Hurricane Reese” form, he moves into the cottage by the sea, displacing Jude, the intriguing caregiver he’d hired two years before. When Grandpa proves too much for Reese to handle on his own, Jude comes to his rescue, taming Grandpa… and the Hurricane as well. Soon all Reese can think about is how to get Jude out of his scrubs and into his bed. Permanently. Will Hurricane Reese destroy everything in its wake, or will this gay odd couple learn to harmonize together?

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Once upon a time… a teacher, tattoo collector, mom, and rock ’n’ roll kinda gal opened up a doc and started purging her demons. Several self-published books and a debut gay romance with Dreamspinner Press later, R.L. Merrill is still striving to find that perfect balance between real life and happily ever after. She writes stories set in the places she loves most, such as Hollywood, New Orleans, Las Vegas, Northern California—and Iowa. Ro also loves connecting with other authors online, at the annual Romantic Times Booklovers Convention, and chapter meetings for the Romance Writers of America, of which she’s been a member since 2014.

A sucker for underdogs, Ro has adopted a wide variety of pets including cats, dogs, rats, a snake and fish. Her love of horror is evident the moment you walk in her door and find yourself surrounded by decorative skulls and quirky artwork from around the world. You can find her lurking on social media where she loves connecting with readers, educating America’s youth, being a mom taxi to two busy kids, in the tattoo chair trying desperately to get that back piece finished, or head banging at a rock show near her home in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Connect with Ro:


Twitter: @rlmerrillauthor


And stay Tuned for more Rock ’n’ Romance.

Medieval Monday with guest Cathy MacRae.


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Welcome back to our Medieval Monday snippets. Today I have author Cathy MacRae as my guest. Here’s a snippet from The Highlander’s Crusader Bride. Happy reading and enjoy!


Caelen held back from the free-flowing wine and whisky. He walked among his new clan by marriage, accepting the toasts and accolades, his bride on his arm, his blood little tainted by alcohol. He had no desire to enter his marriage a drunkard. The night ahead already held too many questions for him to willingly add to the discomfort and regrets.

A wedding night was anticipated by the guests and family. What did Arbela expect?

Bloodied sheets would be displayed on the morrow. Whose blood would it be?


Born in the Holy Land only a few years after the Third Crusade, half-Armenian, half-Scot Arbela MacLean is a true daughter of the desert, beautiful and untamed. Trained to be a warrior to avoid her gentle mother’s fate, Arbela has honed her skills with Turkish bow and arrow, sword and throwing darts—and dreads the day her father choses a man for her to marry.

After more than thirty years in the Holy Land, Donal MacLean, Baron of Batroun, is recalled to Scotland, the last son available to take up leadership of clan MacLean. He brings with him knights, treasure, trade—and a daughter of marriageable age.
Caelen MacKern, known as the Bull of the Highlands, is cynical about women. His first marriage formed an alliance, and he did not grieve when his spoiled, immature bride passed away. He has agreed to marry again—against his better judgement—for the men, means and coin to recover from a devastating pestilence that all but wiped out his clan.

Though more than a little resentful at finding himself forced to remarry, Caelen’s proposal to Donal MacLean’s headstrong daughter nevertheless piques her interest. Each will receive what they want most from life—the ability to live as they please without interference from a meddling spouse. But their marriage of indifference will soon change to one of passion that neither Arbela nor Caelen could have predicted.

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First Kiss Friday with Sherry Ewing & If My Heart Could See You


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Welcome to another First Kiss Friday with yours truly! This weekend I’ll be celebrating my birthday so I’d like to take you back to the beginning and the book that started my whole medieval & time travel series: If My Heart Could See You.

In case you need a reminder for this scene, Amiria of Clan MacLaren is ill and running a fever. She even thinks that she is wed to Dristan, the Devil’s Dragon of Blackmore, while he watches over her with worry. Happy reading and enjoy!


He went to the bed and gazed down upon his beautiful lady. He could think of her as nothing else for she would in truth become his wife once she was well again. ’Twas whilst he stared at her that he began to notice the slight beginnings of a smile playing upon her lips, and he pondered what she dreamed of. She began to stir most alluringly and whispered his name as provocatively and sweetly as any lover could.

He pulled the coverings from Amiria and lifted her into his arms. She molded her body closer to his own and his heart began to beat a little faster. Dristan was caught off guard, feeling her silky limbs wrapping themselves around his neck. The warmth of her lips began to nuzzle his neck and she gave a sigh of contentment as his arms held her tighter.

“You came for me… I knew you would,” she purred into his ear in a soft confident whisper.

“Aye, so it appears,” he said as a tingle went through him with the feel of her breath in his ear. Carrying her to the tub placed by the fire, he slowly swung his legs over its rim to feel the water at his knees. “Brace yourself, Amiria.” She held him tighter as he began to sink down into their bath. Water sloshed over the sides onto the floor the lower he brought them.

“’Tis too cold,” she said groggily with a shiver, trying to get closer to the very heart of him.

“’Tis for the best, my lady, and will make you well again.”

“I do not like it,” she said with a pout and proceeded to turn in his arms.

Afore Dristan could cease her motion, Amiria lifted slightly away from him, moving both legs to either side of his own, and promptly sat down upon his upper thighs with a wiggle of her bare bottom. This certainly was not what he had intended whilst he watched in fascination her fixed glassy eyes take in his face. Her tongue moistened her lips. Smiling, she stole a quick fleeting kiss.

“Warm me,” she demanded, molding herself to his chest and lowering her lips to receive another of his kisses as if she had done so a dozen times afore.

A part of him sprang to life against his better judgment and yet he could not for the life of him cease the intoxicating kiss she gave him. He breathed life into her as their tongues intertwined in a dance known to lovers for centuries. For just a moment longer would he indulge in what she offered, for he knew she would not remember what she did once she was herself again.

He cupped her head, bringing her closer and deepened their kiss. His fingers tangled themselves in the length of her hair ’til he could stand no more. His hands lowered themselves down her back in a gentle caress. She sighed in pleasure and Dristan heard the throaty moan that escaped her. He would have smiled through their kiss if ’twere possible for he had the notion he had awakened a temptress that would forever belong only to him.

She pulled away from his lips with a shake of her glorious red mane and gave a satisfying laugh. Her eyes widened in bewilderment from the hardness of him against her naked flesh. “I have roused my dragon, I see,” she smirked knowingly.

“That you have my dear, but you must yield the day for I would not have you hate me come the morrow. I am, after all, just a man with a man’s desires.”

“You want me then as I want you?” she inquired shyly with a blush to her face.

Dristan gave a brief laugh and caressed her cheek as she leaned into the palm of his hand. “Aye, my lady, more than I should but we cannot continue this.”

“Who are you to say we cannot?”

“I am your liege lord, Amiria. When we come together I would have you more yourself that you remember our first time together as husband and wife.”

Her brows puckered into a frown as she pondered his words. “Are we not wed?” she whispered in puzzlement. Afore he could answer, she continued onward with a brazen look upon her features. “It matters not,” she declared possessively, “for you belong to me!”

Dristan watched his lady as she for the first time hesitantly reach out and began running her fingers over his wet furred chest. Making small circles, she watched him through lowered lids and he shivered at her touch. He sat back amused at her expression since he could tell she was enjoying the feel of his skin beneath her fingertips. Her hushed words confirmed his suspicions.

“I somehow thought a dragon such as you would be smooth to the touch and not covered with so much hair. I believe I like it better this way…” she declared, with a promise reaching her eyes.

Dristan took hold of her hand as she began to reach lower and tenderly placed a kiss to the inside of her wrist. She sighed again at his touch. “Nay, my lady, do not test my resolve further, I beg you. One of us must remember not to let this insanity overtake us, so behave, you vixen!” he said with a chuckle although he had to admit he enjoyed this playful side to Amiria. “Now sit back down that I may bathe you to bring down your fever,” he ordered.

“I am not a child to be treated so.”

“Then do not behave as one so I can do my best to heal your illness.”

She ignored his words and rose, slightly kneeling with him between her legs. She took her hands and smoothed his tresses back from his face in a gentle caress. He gave a sharp intake of breath as she began to touch him at her leisure. ’Twas apparent she approved of feeling a power that she could affect him so.

“You are mine,” she declared knowingly, “and mine alone.”

Dristan stared back at the seriousness in her eyes. “Aye, as you are and will be mine.”

“Then take me now, Sir Dragon.”

“Not today and not like this Amiria.”

“Please Dristan… I want you and only you.”

“You know not what you say, mon amour,” he said, trying to calm his racing heart. God help him but his need to be inside her was beyond anything he had ever felt afore.

If Dristan had known her better, he would have realized from the stubborn tilt of her chin that Amiria would not have him gainsay her as she was wont to have her way. She leaned forward ’til her breasts caressed his chest. Enjoying the sensation it created, she captured his lips again in another searing kiss even whilst she began to lower her body to meet his own.

If My Heart Could See You – The MacLaren’s,

A Medieval Romance

When you’re enemies, does love have a fighting chance?

For Amiria of Berwyck, defeat does not come easily as she watches her home and clan being ripped asunder. When the very enemy who has laid siege to her home demands her fealty, she will do whatever it takes to protect her people including a hastily concocted ruse that quickly begins to unravel. All too soon, she starts to question whether she can forgive herself for betraying those she has sworn to protect.

Dristan of Blackmore, champion knight of King Henry II, has a reputation to uphold as the Devil’s Dragon. After his invading army conquers Berwyck castle, he sets out to manage the newly claimed estate by training its knight in the art of proper defense. At first, everything appears as it should be, or is it? Betrayed by those he believed he could trust, he must first set aside his anger before he can make room in his heart for love.

Together they are tied by an unspoken bond. As they begin to rebuild the land and unite their people, forces beyond their control attempt to tear apart their fragile truce and only time will tell if love will forever bring them together.

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