Medieval Monday with Lane McFarland


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Today on Medieval Monday, I’m welcoming back author Lane McFarland. Read on to see why she love to write medieval romance!

Why I love writing stories set in medieval times…

My passion is writing historical romance novels. Throwing my imagination into years gone by, researching dark periods of strife and violence, justice and quests for freedom, and dreaming of what it might have been like to live and survive during these hostile periods have been the most rewarding aspects of writing historical romance.

I’m fascinated with medieval history and can get quite sidetracked in my research, absorbed in reading about the goings on at the time from the political climate and issues of the period to what foods people ate, the clothes they wore, the pastimes they enjoyed. I can get lost reading about the era and have to limit the time I spend immersed in history.

My Daughters of Alastair MacDougall Series begins in May 1297, a time of unrest between Scotland and England. It has been such fun to delve into this period and imagine living amongst the clans. The Turnberry Legacy Series picks up in 1301 with Robert the Bruce vying for Scotland’s crown, much like other power-hungry nobles who fought for control.


My name is Lane McFarland and I write historical romance, spanning the early Middle Ages through the American Civil War. While my books are fiction, each one is based on historical facts, and you will often see known figures such as William Wallace, Robert the Bruce, or The Red Comyn make guest appearances. All my books revolve around human struggles, sacrifices survivors are forced to make, and their resilience to live and thrive.

I’m a southern girl living on top of a mountain in North Georgia, and I’m most happy when surrounded by family and friends. If I am not writing, you can find me hiking with my husband, or fiddling around in my flower and vegetable gardens, feeding the birds and watching black bears and deer. I am blessed to have a wonderful son—my pride and joy, my buddy who, along with my husband, have made my life complete.

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Amazon Author Page:

First Kiss Friday with Tina Glasneck


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Today on First Kiss Friday I’d like to introduce you to Tina Glasneck who is one of the authors in a group I belong to, Hearts Through Time. Let’s take a look at what Tina is offering today as a first kiss scene between her characters:

DragonsDestiny2small (1)

Thank you so much Sherry for allowing me to be on your blog today! Although the second book of my Dragons series, A Dragon’s Desire, has recently released, I wanted to highlight the first book in the series, A Dragon’s Destiny.

A Dragon’s Destiny tells the tale of a young woman, Jaz, who is finding her way in a man’s world, and who believes she is cursed. She also happens to be in love with her best friend’s brother, but is a little too shy to make that move. Of course, when the supernatural gets involved, and the gods begin to work their magic, culminating in a trip back to 1520, Jaz find out what exactly this curse is, and what she is.

If you love time-travel, Norse gods, fantasy, and awesome love stories, I think this book will be a great read for you.

Here is the first kiss between Jaz and her love interest, Erich, her best friend’s brother.

First Kiss Excerpt:

“How do you not know what you do to me? How have you denied me this one kiss for so very long? Do you not know how long I have waited for you to stare upon me and regard me with more than just a passing glance?”

“I didn’t think you were paying attention.”

The overhead lighting wasn’t the most romantic, but in that moment, I didn’t care. He was a warm-bodied male and I was tired of dancing in and out of the fire. I wanted him.

“I’m always paying attention,” he leaned in closer, a heartbeat away. Like two magnets, our lips met. Soft and tender, his kiss deepened, claiming me to him. He pressed me closer, tighter.

I pulled him to me like he was my oxygen, and water. He was everything, a mass built of billions of atoms that hummed, and were charged and ready.

He tasted of mint, and his touch sparked something within me. I’d slumbered so long that I wanted more…no, I needed more.

As I pulled him to me, he took a step back, breathing hard, and diverted his eyes from me.


He ran his fingers through his hair.

“I shouldn’t have done that. I need you to want me, and not based on my wanting you. I need you to want me for me, for who I am.”

“Erich, what are you talking about?”

His face paled and his eyes welled with panic. It was a look I knew too well. It was the look I got when I’d showed up to a formal party in my plaid shirt and department store scuffed shoes.

I refused to think it had something to do with me, but I couldn’t deny that his retreating made it more than evident that again I’d been found wanting.

I wiped my lips and turned away. I couldn’t let him see my hurt. He’d cracked open Pandora’s Box and let out those demons I’d been stuffing down deeper, and hiding away.

“Yeah, I’ll go then. I’m so… so sorry. I must have misread everything.”

I turned to go, and he caught my arm.

“I can’t explain this to you, but know that what we have is destined. I want you. I want you more than I wish for my heart to beat. I want you more than I wish to live.”

“Then why are you pushing me away? I don’t understand.” I knew he was about to tell me about that damn curse and that he didn’t wish to wind up under the wheels of a tractor trailer, but then he did something I wasn’t expecting.

He cupped my face in his hands and kissed me one more time. It felt like goodbye.

heart fire meme

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Tina Glasneck_author photo


Tina Glasneck is a writer of crime fiction and fantasy romance. Her imagination thrives when it comes to hot coffee, great music and laughter. She believes in miracles, the power of positive thinking, and that in each of us a dragon lurks. Learn more about Tina on her website:

Social Media:

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Happy Book Birthday ~ Nothing But Time


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Today I’m celebrating the release of my newest book: Nothing But Time, A Family of Worth Book One. This prequel has been a long time in the making in preparation of publishing the release of the very first manuscript I ever wrote, One Moment In Time, which will feature Gwendolyn’s brother. You can find more information on Nothing But Time on the tab above or here.

Enjoy this short excerpt of Gwendolyn’s thoughts when she first see Neville Quinn, the Earl of Drayton. I hope you enjoy my newest novel and thank you for your support.


Gwendolyn peeked through lowered lashes at the man who had held her attention. She had not meant to be caught staring at him but she could in no way pull her gaze from his. With a single glance, her heart fell, silently crying at the injustice of it all. No man should be so handsome, nor should she experience a connection with a complete stranger clear on the other side of the room. She gazed into the depths of her tea wondering if perhaps it was laced with something that caused her infatuation with a stranger.

She had watched his companion leave their table and Gwendolyn needed to stifle a satisfied smile the moment he was left alone. His clothes suggested he was wealthy, for they were immaculate. His hair was a deep rich auburn and she could see where the light of the dining room reflected the hints of red within the depths of his locks. His eye color could not be determined from this distance but that did not matter in the least. He was the first man who had ever made her heart flip end over end. Such an emotion certainly never happened with her husband and she knew it ever would.

Nothing But Time, A Family of Work: Book One
Genre: Regency
Heat Level:

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Medieval Monday with Judith Sterling


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Welcome to another Medieval Monday. Today’s guest author is Judith Sterling. Read on to find out why Judith likes to write medieval romance! Enjoy.

Some of the first romances I read as a teen were set in medieval England. I loved the passion of the period—the High Middle Ages (11th – 13th centuries) in particular—and the lure of the British Isles. Ultimately, that love led to a degree in history and a minor in British Studies.

During college and grad school, I studied in England, Scotland, and Sweden. I jumped on every opportunity to explore castles, monasteries, and other medieval buildings throughout Europe. The older the structure, the better! In ruin after ruin, the whispers of the past seduced me. I hear their voices still. With any luck, they add a magical twist to the medieval romances I feel compelled to write and give my readers a world they’ll want to enter again and again.

Judith Sterling’s love of history and passion for the paranormal infuse everything she writes. Flight of the Raven and Soul of the Wolf are part of her medieval romance series, The Novels of Ravenwood. The Cauldron Stirred, the first book in her young adult paranormal series, Guardians of Erin, will be released soon. Written under Judith Marshall, her nonfiction books—My Conversations with Angels and Past Lives, Present Stories—have been translated into multiple languages. She has an MA in linguistics and a BA in history, with a minor in British Studies. Born in that sauna called Florida, she craved cooler climes, and once the travel bug bit, she lived in England, Scotland, Sweden, Wisconsin, Virginia, and on the island of Nantucket. She currently lives in Salem, Massachusetts with her husband and their identical twin sons.

Visit me on Facebook @judithsterlingfiction. You can find my books at

First Kiss Friday with guest Elizabeth Ellen Carter


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Today on First Kiss Friday it’s my pleasure to welcome Elizabeth Ellen Carter and her characters from Dark Heart. I just love this beautiful cover and I can’t wait to dive into her latest release. We hope you’ll enjoy this first kiss scene! Happy reading.


Kyna felt it wiser to hold her tongue. It was often the best way to get others to loosen theirs.

She bobbed down to pluck a small, pink, wild flower and twirled it in her hands to give herself something to do with the remains of fear scalding her veins.

When she looked up, Marcus stood much closer, just a hand span away. He bridged it, his larger hands engulfing hers, stilling the movement of the sweet pea in her fingers.

Her attention was caught just as surely as her hands. She imagined she could read an apology in his features although the words were absent.

His hands left hers. Fingers lightly traced up her arm leaving goose bumps in their wake, across her shoulders, then one hand cupped her cheek tenderly. Kyna’s heart pounded again but now it was with a different sort of fear. Feelings and desires she thought dead and buried were being resurrected.

She closed her eyes and savored the feel of his hand on her face. A soft touch to her lips reawakened something else.

She sighed and the kiss deepened.

Her arms wound around the broad expanse of his back. How could she have considered him as cold as marble when, through the linen of his tunic, he was warm flesh and blood?

Warmth suffused her and pooled low in her belly. His lips and tongue sampled her cheeks and her neck, trailing heat.

Crickets competed with the birds to fill the ending day with sound.

Perhaps, Marcus really wasn’t going to murder her. Maybe, his intent was to seduce her to death.


Can the woman who is free in her heart save the man who is a slave in his?

Rome, 235AD

A series of ritual murders of young boys recalls memories of Rome’s most wicked Emperor. Magistrate Marcus Cornelius Drusus has discovered the cult extends to the very heart of Roman society.

Despite his personal wealth and authority, Marcus is a slave to his past – conflicted by his status as an adopted son, bitterly betrayed by his wife and forced to give up his child.

Kyna knows all about betrayal. Sold into slavery by her husband to pay a gambling debt, she found herself in Rome, far from her home in Britannia. Bought by a doctor, she is taught his trade and is about to gain her freedom when her mentor is murdered by the cult.

When the same group make an attempt on her life, Kyna is forced to give up her freedom and accept Marcus’s protection. With no one to trust but each other, mutual attraction ignites into passion but how far will Marcus go for vengeance when he learns the cult’s next victim is his son?

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Dark Heart is exclusively on Amazon $2.99 or free on Kindle Unlimited –


Elizabeth Ellen Carter is an award-winning historical romance writer who pens richly detailed historical romantic adventures. A former newspaper journalist, Carter ran an award-winning PR agency for 12 years. The author lives in Australia with her husband and two cats.


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Medieval Monday with guest Bambi Lynn


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Hello everyone and welcome to another Medieval Monday! For the next several weeks, we’re going to introduce you to the authors who have been participating in our Medieval blogs. Starting us off is Bambi Lynn who will tell you why she enjoys writing medieval romances. Enjoy!

Why I write Medieval:

My first introduction to Romance novels came from Rosemary Rogers’ Sweet Savage Love. I devoured that book again and again and any other book I could find that was like it. Imagine my thrill to discover Jude Deveraux’s Velvet series. Set in the Middle Ages, I got lost in the time period and never wanted to return. By then, I was living Belgium, where the shells of Medieval manors surrounded me. One of my favorites was Beersel Castle. Beersel Castle, about five miles from my house in Gages, is in ruins. The grounds were open to the public, free, and seldom visited by tourists. So naturally when I started writing my first book, I set it in that castle. I had the unique opportunity of going there any time I wanted to sit in the courtyard or one of the rooms I’d cleared of cobwebs and write my masterpiece. Oftentimes, I was the only one there and could explore to my heart’s content. That first book has never seen the light of day, but what fun I had writing it—not to mention all the things I learned. Now I live in Alabama. There are no Medieval castles here, but there is a park nearby that looks remarkably like Middle Earth. Luckily, I have a writing room in my barn that my fabulous husband designed and decorated to look like a room in a Medieval castle. Inspiration at its finest! I hope you enjoy reading my Medieval Romances as much as I love writing them.


Bambi Lynn graduated from the University of Maryland European Division with bachelor’s degrees in English and History. She writes Historical and Contemporary Paranormal Romances.

Yes, Bambi is her real name.

Bambi grew up on a farm in South Georgia. Her high school was very small with a graduating class of less than 100 people. Shortly after high school, she met my wonderful husband who took her to Belgium, where a three-year tour turned into fifteen. While living in Europe, she nurtured her love of all things medieval. Bambi often gets homesick for Belgium, but with the world wide web, she’s home with the click of a mouse. She now lives with her husband and son in the deep South. When not plugging away at her keyboard, Bambi teaches World History. She loves to ride her big, black Tennessee Walker, Jamaica. She and her husband each have a Harley to go with their collection of classic cars and hot rods.


First Kiss Friday with guest Jessica Cale


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On today’s First Kiss Friday, it’s my pleasure to welcome back my friend, Jessica Cale. Jessica writes those page turning novels you just can’t put down until you’ve read the very last line. We hope you enjoy this excerpt from her upcoming release, Broken Things. Happy reading and enjoy.



Hearing someone knock on the bar for service, he turned too quickly and bumped into Meg. She lost her balance and he caught her automatically, holding her up as she steadied herself.

Someone whistled.

Jake ignored it until another followed, then a third. He looked around the bar in confusion, while Meg turned scarlet in his grasp.

“Bastard mistletoe.” She muttered, looking anywhere but at him.

Bess cackled as she passed them, an empty tray lolling on her hip.

Mistletoe. Jake frowned at the spiny leaves hanging from the ceiling. He was meant to kiss her, wasn’t he?

It wasn’t his tradition, but the punters thought he was odd and foreign enough already without him drawing attention to it. He wouldn’t embarrass Meg by refusing. Wasn’t it meant to be bad luck if you didn’t?

These and a dozen other reasons flew through his mind to justify the fact that he wanted to. He wanted to kiss her very, very badly.

Davey would no doubt try to charge him for it. Fortunately, the little rat was nowhere to be seen.

“What are they waiting for?” someone whispered behind him.

“Kiss her!” Joe Ledford bellowed, covering his encouragement up with a series of contrived coughs.

Finally, Meg looked up at him with an unfamiliar light shining in her eyes.

It was fear.

Was she afraid of him? His heart ached. He knew from experience he didn’t have do anything to inspire fear in women, but he thought he and Meg had grown close, or something like it. He had thought they were friends, though her very presence drove him to distraction and he’d spent long hours talking himself out of visiting her room again. She was different, he knew it. Why was she afraid?

He spread his hands in a gesture of surrender. He wouldn’t kiss her if she didn’t want him to.

Meg’s eyes flickered as her expression changed to one of steely determination. “Bugger it,” she muttered and stepped fully into his arms. Standing on her toes, she slid her arms around his neck. He caught her waist automatically, welcoming the feeling of her soft curves pressed up against him. She smelled of rosewater and tobacco, an intoxicating combination at once earthy and sweet. Her eyelashes dropped, and she hesitantly touched her lips to his.

It was not the quick peck he had expected. Her kiss was slow and deep. She tentatively moved her lips against his, testing the way they fit together. He held her flush against his hips, helpless. His hair stood on end as she ran the edge of her tongue along his bottom lip, nipping at it softly with her teeth.

He sighed against her lips, his hands drifting up her back. Seized with wickedness, he wound her thick braid around his wrist. She’d seemed to like it when he’d pulled it before. He tugged it gently and her mouth opened with a low, throaty moan. He could barely hear it, but he could taste it. His tongue delved into the sweet heat of her mouth, savoring the crush of her lips, the caress of her tongue, and a taste that was all her own.

The bar was so quiet he could hear his own heartbeat. Everything seemed to disappear around them except for the crackle of the fire in the hearth and the distant smell of ale, receding behind the delicious scent of the goddess in his arms. She tightened her grasp around his neck and kissed him harder.

Someone cleared their throat. He ignored them.

“So that’s that, then,” someone muttered.

The odd finality of this comment seemed to reach Meg through the haze and she broke off the kiss too quickly, her hands sliding slowly down his chest. She rested them there a moment and held his gaze with huge eyes bright and green as leaves in the sun; luminous and tinged with gold.

He saw it then. There was desire there, obvious and painful as his own. A measure of confusion, perhaps, but it wasn’t as dire as he’d suspected.

Meg Henshawe was not afraid of anything.

He swallowed.

Meg smiled and stepped out of his arms. She made a show of straightening her hair and shrugged it off. “Pay attention lads, you might learn a thing or two.”


Broken Things The Southwark Saga, Book 4

Genre: Historical Romance

Content warnings: Profanity, violence, graphic sex, and references to domestic violence and sexual assault.

Rival. Sister. Barmaid. Whore.

Meg Henshawe has been a lot of things in her life, and few of them good. As proprietress of The Rose and Crown in Restoration Southwark, she has squandered her life catering to the comfort of workmen and thieves. Famous for her beauty as much as her reputation for rage, Meg has been coveted, abused, and discarded more than once. She is resigned to fighting alone until a passing boxer offers a helping hand.

Jake Cohen needs a job. When an injury forces him out of the ring for good, all he’s left with is a pair of smashed hands and a bad leg. Keeping the peace at The Rose is easy, especially with a boss as beautiful—and wickedly funny—as Meg Henshawe. In her way, she’s as much of an outcast as Jake, and she offers him three things he thought he’d never see again: a home, family, and love.

After Meg’s estranged cousin turns up and seizes the inn, Meg and Jake must work together to protect their jobs and keep The Rose running. The future is uncertain at best, and their pasts won’t stay buried. Faced with one setback after another, they must decide if what they have is worth the fight to keep it. Can broken things ever really be fixed?

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About the author

Jessica Cale is a historical romance author and journalist based in North Carolina. Originally from Minnesota, she lived in Wales for several years where she earned a BA in History and an MFA in Creative Writing while climbing castles and photographing mines for history magazines. She kidnapped (“married”) her very own British prince (close enough) and is enjoying her happily ever after with him in a place where no one understands his accent. She is the editor of Dirty, Sexy History and you can visit her at

Also find Jessica at Facebook & Twitter



Medieval Monday with author Sherry Ewing


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It’s Medieval Monday and I’ll be winding up our villain theme with an excerpt from A Knight To Call My Own. Lynet of Clan MacLaren has been abducted and Callum of the Davidson clan is none to pleased with her. Enjoy this final excerpt in our #MedievalHop and thank you for all your support!


“Only a fool would take something belonging to the Devil’s Dragon,” she sneered meaningfully, “or are you so witless you are not aware of his reputation?” She gave him a knowing grin that her rescue was imminent.

“Hence, therein lays my need to put as much distance as possible between us. Now, shut your trap, else I will find something to gag you with so you no longer bore me with your ranting.”

They rode hard the entire day with only a few short breaks to rest their steeds. With each mile they traveled, she left Berwyck farther and farther behind. The lowlands of Scotland had disappeared hours ago. Dismay filled her as the terrain became unfamiliar to her. She was never left alone, and she cursed her foolishness this morn, for now she was guarded more diligently than ever afore.


 When your heart is broken, is love still worth the risk?

Lynet of clan MacLaren knows how it feels to love someone and not have that love returned. After waiting for six long years, she has given up hope of Ian’s return. Her brother-in-law, the Devil’s Dragon of Berwyck, is tired of waiting for her to choose a husband and has decided a competition for the right to wed Lynet is just the thing his willful charge needs to force her hand.

Ian MacGillivray has returned to Berwyck Castle in search of a bride and who better than the young girl who cared for him all those years ago. But Lynet is anything but an easy conquest and he will need more than charm to win her hand in marriage.

From the English borders to the Highlands of Scotland, the chase is on for who will claim the fair Lynet. The price paid will indeed be high to ensure her safety and even higher to win her love.

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First Kiss Friday with guest Jude Knight


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It’s First Kiss Friday and my guest today is my dear friend Jude Knight and her characters from A Raging Madness. I’m currently beta reading this marvelous novel by Jude and let me tell you… you’re going to love it! Happy reading and enjoy this first kiss excerpt.


“That’s a marvellous idea, Ella,” Alex said. “And I would not need to beg from Rede. I have money of my own. They paid me for being a human pincushion in the stead of my Distinguished Personage. They would have preferred me to die, I think, since a posthumous medal would have been cheaper, but I pleased myself instead of them, and so they gave me a reward. I have a good sum invested, and it is growing larger thanks to my cousin’s gift for making money.”

The sound was Alex shifting and dropping to the floor. Before she was aware of his intent, he was bending over her. Perhaps he meant to kiss her cheek, but she had turned her face towards the sound of his movement, and his lips dropped on her mouth, paused, and then moulded themselves to hers.

She had been right to be afraid. One touch of his lips and she burned for more, shifting to allow him better access, opening her mouth to welcome his invading tongue. No. Not invading; no conquering assault to batter down her defences, but a long-awaited and cherished caress that set her aflame, so she moaned and locked her hands behind his head to prevent his escape, and he stretched above her on the narrow bed and placed his own hands gently either side of her face.

“Ella,” he said, into her open mouth, and crushed his lips to her again before she could speak, though what would she say? Alex? Yes? Stop?

He was aroused. Though he took most of his weight on his elbows and his knees, still the length of him poked into her belly. If she shifted, even a little, it would rub the place that burned. Only the cotton of her shift and his shirt kept them apart, and all the good reasons for not lifting both garments out of the way had melted in the heat of his kiss.

Thoughts scattered. She pushed herself up against him, her nipples so hard the cotton hurt, and it was a good hurt, like the burning he both relieved and heightened as he rubbed his male organ against her, setting her squirming and moaning.

Suddenly he moved, sliding down the bed to nudge her shift sideways down one arm, freeing one breast, and seizing on the nipple with his mouth, his teeth, his tongue.

She moaned again, helpless to keep the sound from escaping, as he used one hand to tease the other nipple, and the other to gather the hem of her shift until her woman’s place was uncovered, and his hand was doing delicious things that narrowed her world to him. To Alex, and his hands and mouth and body, and what was happening to hers.

Alex tensed suddenly and raised his head, his hands stilling. Ella suppressed a whimper, caught and subdued the involuntary movement to draw him back, surfaced from the sea of sensation, and finally heard what he had heard. Voices, speaking low. Footsteps. The soft clap of a hand on the roof of the cabin—Jonno’s nightly salute, too soft to wake them but a signal they heard more evenings than not.

Jonno and the O’Haras were back from the tavern, and the spell was broken.

Genre: Regency romance, historical romance, historical suspense,
Regency noir, gothic Heat rating: PG-13 ISBN: 9780473393670 Page count: 382 pages on Kindle Publication date: 9 May 2017


Their marriage is a fiction. Their enemies are all too real.

Ella survived an abusive and philandering husband, in-laws who hate her, and public scorn. But she’s not sure she will survive love. It is too late to guard her heart from the man forced to pretend he has married such a disreputable widow, but at least she will not burden him with feelings he can never return.

Alex understands his supposed wife never wishes to remarry. And if she had chosen to wed, it would not have been to him. He should have wooed her when he was whole, when he could have had her love, not her pity. But it is too late now. She looks at him and sees a broken man. Perhaps she will learn to bear him.

In their masquerade of a marriage, Ella and Alex soon discover they are more well-matched than they expected. But then the couple’s blossoming trust is ripped apart by a malicious enemy. Two lost souls must together face the demons of their past to save their lives and give their love a future.

Buy Links:

Jude Knight’s Book Page  |  Smashwords |  Barnes and Noble  |  iBooks


Jude Knight’s writing goal is to transport readers to another time, another place, where they can enjoy adventure and romance, thrill to trials and challenges, uncover secrets and solve mysteries, delight in a happy ending, and return from their virtual holiday refreshed and ready for anything.

She writes historical novels, novellas, and short stories, mostly set in the early 19th Century. She writes strong determined heroines, heroes who can appreciate a clever capable woman, villains you’ll love to loathe, and all with a leavening of humour.

Website  |  Facebook  |  Twitter  |  Pinterest  | Goodreads |  Amazon Author Page  | Smashwords  |  Email


Medieval Monday with guest Rue Alleyn


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It’s excerpt twelve with our villain theme for Medieval Monday. My guest today is Rue Alleyn and her characters from Knight Errant. We hope you enjoy this excerpt. Happy reading!

A Bloody Knife excerpt 12 from  #KnightErrant by @RueAllyn 

Robert topped the landing on the inn’s upper floor, forcing himself to slow to a walk. In less than a month’s time, he would deposit Juliana with King Edward and be free. Bitterness flooded his mouth. Where had that come from? He could not possibly regret being rid of his smiling Beguine, could he? No, ’twas simply that freedom would be his at Juliana’s cost.

He reached the room and knocked in the pattern he had told Juliana to listen for that morning. Nothing. He knocked again. “Juliana!” he bellowed. “’Tis no time to play at games with me.” His hand fell to the latch to rattle the door. It lifted freely, and the door swung open.

A moment’s glance told him the room had been searched and she was not here. Foolish woman. Where could she possibly have gone? After last night, he was certain she understood the danger. He grabbed up the dagger that glinted on floor beside the window. Blood dried on the lower half of the blade. Robert’s heart froze—fear for Juliana nearly shattered it.

Add a comment and let me know what you think. Get the last excerpt at Rue Allyn’s Blog

BLURB: If Sir Robert Clarwyn can’t find a way to compel Lady Juliana Verault to return to England, he’ll lose any chance of regaining his family lands and redeeming his heritage. Yet Juliana must complete her mission to improve her gender’s future in the church. With danger and intrigue mounting, Robert and Juliana must rely on each other and risk everything … including their hearts.

BUY LINKSAmazon   B & N   iTunes   Crimson Romance

You can learn more about Rue here: