Promises Made At Midnight

Promises Made At Midnight:
The Knights of Berwyck, A Quest Through Time (Book 6)

Sometimes all it takes to find your heart’s desire is to make a wish…

After a series of failed relationships, Bridgette Harris would like a fresh start. If only she could escape her ex-boyfriend since they participate in the same renaissance fairs. While gazing at a granite statue of a handsome knight—her dream man—at one such fair, a mysterious elderly Scottish woman offers her a coin to toss into the fountain and make a wish. Bridgette can’t resist, but nothing prepares her to suddenly slip through time.

Sir Ulrick de Mohan does not have time for love. He is charged with training possible recruits to become worthy guardsmen for the Devil’s Dragon. The woman who magically appears out of thin air and falls into his arms must be one of those future ladies who continue to show up at Berwyck’s gate. But she can’t be for him.

Fate has brought two people together despite the centuries that should be keeping them apart. Will the growing love between them be enough to keep Bridgette in the past or will Time return her to where she should belong?


She made her way to the bench and sighed in pleasure that she had the place to herself. That seem unusual, given the number of attendees at the fair. Setting down her parasol, she took a sip of water and gazed at the fountain. Someone had really gone all out with this project, and she was a little surprised to see that she was the only one enjoying what was before her. After all, this setting was so completely… perfect.

The fountain itself was round and nothing out of the ordinary, but it was the centerpiece that captured her attention as water bubbled up from its base with a relaxing quality to calm her frayed nerves. Even though he was etched in granite, the knight holding his sword in one hand and a shield with a cross in the other appeared so lifelike it was alarming. He was looking down as he knelt on one knee, and was incredibly handsome, like no other man she had ever seen before in her entire life.

In many ways, he reminded her of a Roman soldier of old, from the arrogant jut of his classic nose to his sinful lips, just begging to be kissed. His hair flowed almost to his shoulders as if the artist had captured its length to perfection as the wind caught its length. Broad shoulders were covered by a cape that also appeared as if it billowed in the unseen breeze. Instead of chainmail, he appeared covered in a leather jerkin vest with a shorter sleeved shirt. His arms bulged with muscle and his hands… Good heavens… what would it feel like to have those long-sculpted fingers caressing her skin? She was almost envious of the hilt of his sword, grasped by his hand.

He appeared as a true and chivalrous knight if she ever saw one or could conjure one up from her imagination. Wasn’t it just her luck she’d find the man of her dreams not as a living breathing specimen but one only carved from stone? He really was just drop down gorgeous and she would have just loved to see him in full color. Still, the artist had obviously spent an incredible amount of time to create such a vivid display of male sexuality. She wondered who the model had been and what had been the color of the man’s eyes.

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