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Welcome to Medieval Monday and the second week of our Celebration theme. Today for your reading pleasure I have the lovely Ruth A. Casie with her next snippet and isn’t this cover just divine? Happy reading, my lovelies!


In the grip of a silent panic, her heart raced. Surely, she should say something more…

“I understand ye’re leaving us tomorrow. I was afraid I wouldna see ye. Wi’ so much ta do in th’ village, there is barely time ta…” A knot in her throat made it difficult for her to swallow. She didn’t want him to leave. “As clan chieftain, I want ta give my thanks for all yer help. It hasn’t gone unnoticed by th’ people, or by me.” The man who stood before her was so strong, had a commanding presence, and was handsome. That hadn’t gone unnoticed either. “I spoke out of place before and regret if I offended ye.”

She let out a frustrated breath and licked her lips. Why didn’t she plan this with more care?

“Please, don’t do that again,” he said.

She gazed at him, not sure what he meant.

“Lick your lips,” he clarified. “They’ll get dry and cracked.”

Her fingers went to her lips. In a heartbeat, his face changed from cool indifference to tender concern. Then a playful smirk lightened his features. Her body reacted to the change that suddenly came over him. The tingling in the pit of her stomach took her by surprise.

The Pirate’s Redemption
by Ruth A. Casie


After her beloved father dies, Moira MacDougall becomes chieftain of their small clan. She is tested on every level, not only by her councilors who question her every move, but also by an exiled Englishman who raids her village under the guise of a notorious pirate, Gareth Talbot.

He wants the secret weapon Moira possesses, and will do anything to get his hands on it—including committing murder so he can give it to King Henry to prove his worthiness and be welcomed home.

Moira will follow her destiny and do whatever is necessary to protect her clan.

The real Gareth Talbot is through with love. His last romance did not end well. He suffered a broken heart and doesn’t trust women.

Humiliated, Gareth goes to sea and becomes a captain for MacAlpin, the pirate king. When raids along the Scottish coast are blamed on him, he seeks revenge. Nothing less than death will do.

Moira and Gareth are on different missions but seek the same goal. Can they work together and eliminate their greatest enemy, and in the process, find the one thing they didn’t know they were searching for, true love?

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