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There is nothing better than a Medieval Monday unless it’s if I can also share my time travel stories with my readers. For All of Ever: The Knights of Berwyck, A Quest Through Time Novel (Book One) was a bit of a surprise. I never thought about writing a time travel romance and Lynet’s story from A Knight To Call My Own was supposed to be next. But my character’s are a stubborn lot and had to have their way. I have to admit that Katherine and Riorden are perhaps my favorite couple but shhhh… don’t let the others know.

Enjoy this short excerpt from For All of Ever. In this scene, Katherine is having a dream about the knight she has dreamed about her entire life. In fact, both Katherine and Riorden share their dreams. Talk about a romance crossing time itself. Happy reading!

He stood before her with his hand outstretched for her to take, a bit of arrogance and impatience clearly etched across his features.

“Is it you?” she heard herself ask, even though she would have known this man before her no matter where in time he had found her.

“I only mean to keep you safe,” he declared, not answering her question as he shifted uneasily on his feet. His eyes were ever watchful on the knights standing guard nearby.

“Yes, I know. Have you seen me before?” she asked quietly, hoping that he, too, had dreamed of her.

He gazed down upon her, searching her face until the ocean winds whipped the hood on her cloak from her head then watched with interest as her hair became tossed about. Finally, he reached out to catch one of her errant curls. The tendril wrapped itself around his hand, almost as if laying some kind of claim to him. He began rubbing the tresses between his fingers as if memorizing the silkiness of her locks. She watched as he came back to his senses, and he frowned, she assumed, at her words. “You’re speech is most strange, mademoiselle.”

“I’m not from…the area.”

“You travel with King Henry? Mayhap, you are one of the ladies in waiting at court?” he inquired. One look at her humble cloak would have told him this wasn’t the case.

“No,” she replied simply, for what explanation of where she came from would make sense to him.

“You’re sire is here then. Perchance, I may return you to his side so I can ensure your safety,” he concluded. Once more, he held out his hand for her to take.

She acknowledged his gesture with only a sad smile. “I suppose I’ll one day see my parents again, but I think it’s impossible for now.”

“Then let me, at the very least, see you inside the keep so I may rest, knowing you are not in danger.”

She looked up into his blue eyes and began to wonder if she’d ever seen their color on another. To say they were blue, didn’t do them justice. She had dreamed of him for so many years, she could only stare in wonder that he really stood before her. There was no doubt she trusted him, so she did the most natural thing she could do. Smiling, she looked into his eyes as she reached out to take his hand.

Neither was prepared for the reaction of their hands touching, nay, going through one another. For in truth, they did not stand there in the flesh. They were but memories of what could have been, if only they had been born in the same century. Their heartrending loss brought tears of sorrow to her eyes. With only one look at his face, she knew he felt it, too.

“I do know of you…” he whispered, his voice like a silken caress across her soul.

“You’re name!” she cried out. “Tell me your name!”

He began to fade from her vision, yet still, she heard his voice clearly inside her head. “Katherine…come back to me, my love─”

“I will find you,” she promised him as a mist appeared, surrounding his body until he was at last taken from her sight. Emptiness consumed her entire being with the knowledge he might be lost to her forevermore. She could do only one thing, now that he had been torn from her side. She wept.


Sometimes to find your future, you must look to the past…

Katherine Wakefield has dreamed and written of her knight in shining armor all her life. Never finding a man to measure up to the one of her imagination, she and her three closest friends take a dream vacation to England. Yet, strange things begin happening while visiting Bamburgh Castle, but how could they have known they’d find themselves thrown back more than eight hundred years into the past?

Riorden de Deveraux travels to Bamburgh answering the summons of King Henry II knowing his past life is about to catch up with him. But nothing prepares him for the beautiful vision of a strangely clad ghost who first appears in his chamber, let alone the fact he begins having a conversation with her.

Centuries are keeping them apart until Time gives them a chance at finding love. But there are obstacles threatening the fragile bit of hope that Riorden and Katherine can remain together. Will the past of one consume what their future may hold, or will Time take the decision from them and hurtle Katherine forward to where she truly belongs?

For All of Ever is only the beginning of Katherine and Riorden’s journey to finding love and continues on in Only For You. Get both books in Hearts Across Time, a special edition box set.

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