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Welcome to my Medieval Monday blog! I’m continuing on to the next chapter of where I left off with Lynet and Ian’s kiss. You’ll find the link below to my First Kiss Friday post if you missed it. We’re now back to the tournament and Lynet is racing to find Rolf before he heads to the challenges. This whole chapter was based and inspired by the painting I used for the cover ~ God Speed by Edmund Blair Leighton. If you’re like me, every romantic beat of my heart just cries out for this blonde-haired lady as she bids farewell to her knight. I hope you enjoy this scene. Happy reading, my lovelies!


Lynet’s feet barely touched the turret stairs beneath her as she held on to the red wrap around her shoulders. She was late and knew for a certainty she would incur Dristan’s wrath for not being in her place on the platform erected for the family at the start of the games. How she had managed to obtain even a wink of sleep was beyond her comprehension. She had tossed and turned upon her bed for hours, thinking on Ian’s kiss afore she had thrown the coverlets from her to do something more constructive with her time.

She had a firm resolve this morn when she had risen after only a brief two hours of rest. Her brow furrowed thinking on that insufferable man. Ian was overly confident she would simply fall in love with him after just one kiss. Of that, there could be no doubt, but she was determined she would prove him wrong. She would not succumb to his charms so readily and become such an easy conquest. Nay, she would not!

With thoughts of Ian’s kiss seared into her heart, she pushed down the notion she would belong to him at the end of the games, no matter that she had wished to be his wife for almost her entire life. There was another who was equally ready to take on the role of her husband, and Lynet was sure that, with time, she could somehow manage to love him.

Silencing the small voice inside her head telling her she was making a horrific mistake, she kept onward in her quest to be the mistress of her own fate. Racing through the Great Hall, she took no time to grab even a bit of cheese to break her fast. She did not want to miss the opportunity of sending Rolf off to battle for her hand without a small token of her affection. Aye, the embroidered red ribbon she held tightly in her hand billowed behind her in the soft morning breeze as she continued her flight through the inner bailey. There was no time to lose if she was to bestow this token to the knight who deserved her loyalty after all he had done for her over these past many years.

Through the portal of the inner bailey, she saw him sitting tall and handsome upon his black as night steed. The mighty warhorse practically pranced with pride as it carried its rider, who held a banner with one hand and the reins with the other. Yet, she was wasting precious time staring at him, the little she had, and her common sense that she must needs hurry had her rushing through the tall gate to reach the outer baily wall.

Rolf was already riding out towards the postern gate, along with the other knights who thought to make her their lady wife. If she had stopped for even one instant, she might have been impressed by the display of colorful standards that flew in the air for the entire world to see. There were many who would be competing this day, but only one now drew her attention as she rushed towards him.

“Rolf!” She called out his name and watched as he pulled back upon the reins to halt his steed. His grin widened whilst she shortened the distance between them, moving forward to stand in the middle of a staircase which led down to the outer baily.

He maneuvered his horse ’til the animal became parallel with the steps to the back entrance of the keep. ’Twas just what she needed in order to gaze upon him, eye to eye, given the additional height the stairs afforded her.

“My lady,” Rolf murmured with an appreciative glance at her attire. “You are most lovely this day. The yellow of your gown is like a fresh breath of summer sunshine to brighten my day.”

Lynet blushed upon hearing the compliment, adjusted the shawl she had around her shoulders, and gazed at him shyly. “I have something for you. I was up all night working on it that I may bestow it on you and place it upon your arm.”

“You would honor me with a favor?” he asked, waiting for her response.

“Aye,” she declared with a simple acknowledgment and a slight smile. His brow rose as if in a silent question as to the wisdom of her choice. Lynet did not have long to wait to hear what she feared would come from his lips. This man knew her so well.

“Is there not perchance another who you would rather give such a token to, my lady?” he questioned honestly whilst keeping their gazes locked, one on the other. “Not that I would complain such a gift was placed upon my arm as long as your favor was freely given.”

Lynet began to squirm under his close scrutiny and averted her eyes to fumble with the ribbon. Hiding the heaviness of her heart, she raised her face. The confidence that had briefly filled her just moments ago, now left her shaking with her decision to press forward to wed Rolf, should he be the victor in the games. “Nay… there is no other,” she proclaimed holding out the favor. “See how I have embroidered it with your colors so no other would question my choice in a champion knight? It even matches the shade of your cloak.”

“’Tis in truth Dristan’s colors, my lady, as you well know, since I have no other place than Berwyck to call home,” Rolf said solemnly.

“Aye, I know that, of course. And yet, I would still tie this upon your arm if you would but allow me the privilege,” Lynet said breathlessly. She looked over Rolf’s shoulder to see another who watched her intently. Her heart began its erratic beating with his nearness and knowing he gazed upon her, yet she refused to allow Ian to change her resolve. “Will you allow it?” she asked returning her full attention to Rolf.

“I would be a fool to gainsay you and say you nay, Lady Lynet,” he answered, holding out his arm to her. “You do me a great honor.”

She finished tying the ribbon, but still lightly touched the chainmail on his arm. “Nay, ’tis I who am honored by your acceptance of such a meager offering for one who would go into battle for my hand. You will be careful, Rolf, will you not?” she asked with a slight tremor in her voice. She would hate to see anyone hurt because of her.

“But of course,” Rolf said, taking her hand. He held it gently afore leaning forward to brush his lips across her skin.

She gave a slight shiver. ’Twas not, however, from the gentleness of Rolf’s display of affection, but in response to the blazing hot glare from Ian afore he stepped into the stirrup and lifted himself up onto his white, ivory-maned horse. ’Twas as if he knew of the ploy she played. Yet to her, ’twas not a game of chance, but her future that was at stake.

Lynet had not realized her eyes continued to linger on Ian ’til she felt her arm drop as Rolf let go of her fingertips. Her attention once more on her captain, she saw a fleeting look of sadness within his eyes afore he masked the emotions in a cocky grin of self-confidence.

“I look forward to claiming several dances this eve after I win my matches, my lady,” he declared, and, with a jaunty salute, he kicked his horse into motion, setting off for the tournament.

A Knight To Call My Own
By Sherry Ewing

When your heart is broken, is love still worth the risk?

Lynet of clan MacLaren knows how it feels to love someone and not have that love returned. After waiting for six long years, she has given up hope of Ian’s return. Her brother-in-law, the Devil’s Dragon of Berwyck, is tired of waiting for her to choose a husband and has decided a competition for the right to wed Lynet is just the thing his willful charge needs to force her hand.

Ian MacGillivray has returned to Berwyck Castle in search of a bride and who better than the young girl who cared for him all those years ago. But Lynet is anything but an easy conquest and he will need more than charm to win her hand in marriage.

From the English borders to the Highlands of Scotland, the chase is on for who will claim the fair Lynet. The price paid will indeed be high to ensure her safety and even higher to win her love.

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