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Happy First Kiss Friday and welcome to my blog. I know this is a bit late but its never too late for a first kiss scene! Since I’m celebrating this week my release of Promises Made at Midnight, it seem only right to show you the first kiss scene. Happy reading, my lovelies, and enjoy!


“You came,” she whispered in a breathy tone and she at once realized how fast her heart was hammering away inside her chest. She was excited and scared all at the same time while she tilted her head back to see his face. She felt so tiny next to this giant of a man, who must be well over six feet tall.


Bridgette searched his face, waiting for more of a reply but he appeared unsure of himself and that was entirely out of character of the man she had come to know.

“You didn’t want to?” she couldn’t help herself from asking.

“I am uncertain if this is wise, Lady Bridgette. Lord Dristan…”

She placed her fingertips on his mouth. “Let me worry about Lord Dristan,” she replied, stepping closer.

His brow rose at her statement. “You have no idea what you are asking of me when I defy my liege lord by being alone here with you.”

“I just wanted some time with just the two of us, Ulrick. Is that too much to ask?” She took hold of his arms, and he placed his hands gently on her waist. “I promise I won’t bite… much.”

She gave him what she hoped was a wicked wink. A deep chuckle erupted from him, and his smile brightened her whole mood.

“I hardly know what to reply after such a comment. You are a feisty one, to be sure, Lady Bridgette.”

“I just know what I want,” she replied with a sincere heart.

“And what is that exactly?” he asked pulling her fully into his body.

“You have to ask?” She moved her palms to rest on his chest. One hand continued upward until she fingers brushed over the back of his head feeling the softness of his hair before settling on his neck. She began a gentle message with small circular motions and heard a soft moan escape him.

“Aye,” came a strained reply.

“You are a man of little words sometimes. Do you know that?”

“If I am going to be damned for my actions, then I must needs know your mind. What do you want, Bridgette?” He asked, again ignoring her comment, but she could tell that whatever control he was briefly holding onto where she was concerned, it was about to break.

“What do I want? You… I want you, Ulrick” She let her answer linger in the space between them, but she didn’t have to wait long for his nonverbal reply.

His arms tighten around her waist, lifting her up and bringing them chest to chest. And in that one brief moment, their heartbeats fused as one. As she stared up into those mesmerizing blue-grey eyes, the reflection from the stars above were twinkling in their depths. Her gaze was drawn to the sensual chiseled lines of his mouth. His lips turned up with a slow roguish grin before swooping down to take full possession of her. A gasp of surprise gave him what he wanted when his tongue dipped inside her mouth to dance with her own while their bodies all but melted together as one. She lost all thought of anything else but this man who claimed her. Bridgette had released Ulrick from whatever restraints he had been holding onto and she was delighted he was equally moved to finally share their first kiss.

A hushed moan escaped her when his lips moved from her mouth to place a trail of soft kisses as he went from her cheek to her neck. His teeth nibbled at the lobe of her ear and the warmth of his breath was almost her undoing.

Taking hold of his cheeks, she all but demanded another kiss in her attempts to take back control of their moment together. But who was she kidding? She lost any attempt of self-control the moment Ulrick stepped through the turret portal.

Their kiss continued for several more minutes—an exploration of two missing souls who had finally found one another. It was as binding as if they had already promised themselves an eternity together… at least in Bridgette’s mind.

Promises Made At Midnight:
The Knights of Berwyck, A Quest Through Time (Book 6)

Sometimes all it takes to find your heart’s desire is to make a wish…

After a series of failed relationships, Bridgette Harris would like a fresh start. If only she could escape her ex-boyfriend since they participate in the same renaissance fairs. While gazing at a granite statue of a handsome knight—her dream man—at one such fair, a mysterious elderly Scottish woman offers her a coin to toss into the fountain and make a wish. Bridgette can’t resist, but nothing prepares her to suddenly slip through time.

Sir Ulrick de Mohan does not have time for love. He is charged with training possible recruits to become worthy guardsmen for the Devil’s Dragon. The woman who magically appears out of thin air and falls into his arms must be one of those future ladies who continue to show up at Berwyck’s gate. But she can’t be for him.

Fate has brought two people together despite the centuries that should be keeping them apart. Will the growing love between them be enough to keep Bridgette in the past or will Time return her to where she should belong?

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