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Welcome back to Medieval Monday and week four of our Nature theme. I’m so happy to have Cathy & DD MacRae back on my blog with a snippet from their latest release The Prince’s Highland Bride. Don’t you just adore this cover? Enjoy, my lovelies, and happy reading!

Nature can provide beauty and inspiration. It can also bring danger. Maggie’s island is a place of solace and great beauty, but it is also completely without defenses, something Phillipe must correct before he completes his task of protecting the woman he has come to love—and says good-bye to her forever.


“I am not the countess.” Maggie hissed, fresh pain sliding through her. “That title is nae longer mine.”

He frowned. “I wish I could spare ye, but ’tis certes unscrupulous men, men who choose to see ye as a challenge, will come.”

“My past will follow me here?” Her skin blanched cold with shock, then blazed with anger. “I am nae a challenge! They willnae cross the sea on some manly whim.”

Phillipe peered at her, his gaze roaming her face. “Aye, ma belle, they will.”

The Prince’s Highland Bride
By Cathy & DD MacRae

Free of court intrigue, Phillipe seeks a new start in life. Falling in love was not in his plans. Until he met Maggie MacLaren.

Phillipe de Poitiers, a prince of Antioch, finds himself a breath away from wrongful execution. Risking everything, he leaves behind his crown, his family, his country—and a body sworn to be his by the Bishop, himself.

Free of court intrigue and drawn to Scotland by memories of a woman who once possessed his heart, Phillipe sells his sword to pay for his travels and accepts the task of guarding the daughter of Laird MacLaren.

When Maggie MacLaren’s abusive marriage fails, she wants nothing more than to retire to her childhood home on the banks of Loch Lomond. Trouble follows her, putting her clan in danger, and she travels to the Isle of Hola, placing her safety in the hands of a mysterious mercenary with a haunted smile and a kind heart.

As Maggie and Phillipe struggle with their pasts, love blooms. But when a pirate’s treasure offers a seductive lure, will it free them—or prove the downfall of all they hold dear?

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