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Hello, my lovelies, and welcome to another First Kiss Friday! Today’s guest is the fabulous Kathryn Le Veque who is not only sharing a first kiss scene but she’s also celebrating a new release! We hope you enjoy reading this excerpt from The Best Is Yet To Be. 


Jemma forgot all about their argument. She was genuinely concerned as she knelt down beside him.

“Tell me where it hurts,” she said.

He just lay there and groaned. “You flipped me off of a horse, woman,” he said. “I am not as young as I used to be. Did you really think this would end well?”

Jemma was trying not to feel guilty for what she’d done. She hadn’t meant to injure the man, only stress a point. “I am sorry,” she said. “I dinna mean tae hurt ye, just… oh, it doesna matter now, anyway. Show me where ye hurt. When William returns, I’ll have him help me get ye back on yer horse and we’ll return tae Castle Questing.”

He seemed to be in great pain. “Nay,” he muttered. “Take me home, to Northwood. At least some of the servants can tend me. I don’t wish to be a burden on William and Jordan.”

“’Tis no burden because I’ll tend ye myself,” Jemma said firmly. “I’ll heal whatever ails ye. I became very good at it when Kieran was sick, so I can care for ye.”

“I could not impose.”

“’Tis not an imposition.”

“You are doing it… out of pity.”

She sighed heavily, all of her irritation with the man gone. “Nay,” she said. “This is my fault. I dinna mean tae hurt ye.”

He lay there, grunting and groaning as he pointed at his neck. “I… I can’t…”

His voice was fading and with great concern, Jemma bent over him, close to his mouth. “What did ye say?” she asked. “Where do ye hurt, Paris? I canna help ye if ye dunna tell me.”

“I… I…”

She bent lower, her ear by his mouth. “What did ye say?”

Suddenly, he grabbed her by the head and planted a kiss right on her lips. When she looked at him in shock, he smiled boldly.

“Were you worried for me? I could tell that you were. Tell me you were.”

Her eyes flew open when she realized he’d been fooling her. “Ye… ye idiot!” she gasped. “Ye had me believing ye were badly hurt!”

The Best Is Yet To Be
By Kathryn Le Veque

The story every Le Veque reader has been waiting for…

Paris de Norville (The Wolfe) and Jemma Scott Hage (The Wolfe) find love in their sunset years… with each other?!

It seems like an impossible suggestion. Paris and Jemma first met in The Wolfe, in a fiery explosion of temper and taunting – her temper mostly because he was taunting. Handsome and arrogant in his youth, Paris was a powerful knight, second in command to the great William de Wolfe, and found great sport in taunting a Scots captive named Jemma Scott.

Pretty, green-eyed Jemma was the oil to his water. The fire to his ice. Perhaps the sparks that flew between them at first were those of attraction, but soon another knight had Jemma’s attention and Paris was relegated to a role of both friend and tormenter. He affectionately called her ‘banshee’ and what she called him is not fit for delicate ears.

It was a like/hate relationship for the ages.

The years passed and Paris married Jemma’s cousin, Caladora. They had a wonderful marriage but sickness took Caladora from him and Jemma lost her beloved husband, Kieran.

Missing Kieran, and missing Caladora, now it is Paris and Jemma again in their twilight years as the sparks that flew between them so long ago are rekindled.

Find out how sweet and romantic love the second time can be as two widowers discover that life is worth living again… with each other. Love can be passionate and powerful, no matter what the age.

“Grow old along with me, the best is yet to be…”

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About Kathryn Le Veque

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KATHRYN LE VEQUE is a critically acclaimed 18-time USA TODAY Bestselling author, a charter Amazon All-Star author, and a #1 bestselling, award-winning, multi-published author in Medieval Historical Romance with over 100 published novels.

Kathryn is a multiple award nominee and winner, including the winner of Uncaged Book Reviews Magazine 2017 and 2018 “Raven Award” for Favorite Medieval Romance. Kathryn is also a multiple RONE nominee (InD’Tale Magazine), holding a record for the number of nominations. In 2018, her novel WARWOLFE was the winner in the Romance category of the Book Excellence Award and in 2019, her novel A WOLFE AMONG DRAGONS won the prestigious RONE award for best pre-16th century romance.

Kathryn is considered one of the top Indie authors in the world with over 2M copies in circulation, and her novels have been translated into several languages. Kathryn recently signed with Sourcebooks Casablanca for a Medieval Fight Club series coming in 2020.

In addition to her own published works, Kathryn is also the President/CEO of Dragonblade Publishing, a boutique publishing house specializing in Historical Romance, and the President/CEO of DragonMedia Publishing, a publishing house that publishes the Pirates of Britannia Connected World series. In July 2018, Kathryn launched yet another publishing house, WolfeBane Publishing, which publishes the World of de Wolfe Pack Connected series (formerly Kindle Worlds).

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