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Welcome to another Medieval Monday, my lovelies! Today’s guest is Barbara Bettis who is sharing her snippet from The Lady of the Forest. Be sure to leave Barbara a comment for a chance at winning one of her eBooks, your choice. Happy reading!


“Sam’l doesn’t whisper that loudly. What possessed you to follow them?” Kate knew she wouldn’t like his explanation.

“To make sure they weren’t hurt or—”

“Or nothing, my lad! I’ve told you not to put yourself in danger like that. You were to return here immediately after you visited Maude in the kitchen.”

A new, sharper fear gripped Kate. If anything happened to this boy, she’d never forgive herself. He should be tucked into a warm bed right now, safe in a cottage and watched over by a loving mother and father.

Instead, he prowled a broken-down hut, too excited to sleep as he chattered about losing body parts. And God knew, Kate made a poor example for a parent—a lady who faked her own death to avoid marriage.

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