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Gentle Readers: Today ends our First Encounter theme for Medieval Monday and instead of a small snippet, I’m going to give you the remainder of the chapter from FOR ALL OF EVER: THE KNIGHTS OF BERWYCK, A QUEST THROUGH TIME NOVEL (Book One). It is my hope that you’ve enjoyed this theme and getting to know the writing of some incredible medieval authors. Thanks to all who participated and the winner will be announced soon.

So, without further ado, I bring you my excerpt from FOR ALL OF EVERRemember to leave me a comment here on my blog so you can up your chances at our giveaway. I hope you enjoy this excerpt as much as I had writing it. Happy reading!


“I know not what you speak of, damsel. I wish you no ill will, but I cannot in all good conscience help you save your soul. Only God can forgive you of your sins whilst you were here on earth. You must atone for your sins to Him.”

“You don’t understand…” the ghost began, but Riorden held up his hand to halt any further words.

“Aye, you have that aright. I do not understand any of the past two days, nor do I wish to. I just want my life to return to the hellish circumstances put afore me of late that I must needs attend to. Those, I can comprehend and deal with, but not this…this absurdity with visions of ghosts, playing tricks inside my head. I say this to you again…be gone fair maiden, and may you rest in peace!”

She nodded her head, as if she finally understood his words to leave him be. But ’twas the tears coursing down her cheeks and the look of grief in her eyes that made him realize he had erred in not trying further to help her cause. He took a step forwards, but ’twas too late to offer her what solace he might afford her. He could already feel her slipping from his side.

She slowly backed away from him. “Oh God… I don’t even know your name,” she sobbed across his mind, and was gone.

“Katherine!” Riorden rasped out, for he felt an unfamiliar loneliness creep upon him as she vanished, yet again, afore his eyes. For one brief instant, when he had watched her crying, he had felt a connection to another he never thought would find him again. Her disappearance left him feeling bereft and out of sorts. Confused with his inner thoughts, he could only stand there in a daze. At least, he could tell himself he knew her name. Merde… what had he done?



Sometimes to find your future, you must look to the past…

Katherine Wakefield has dreamed and written of her knight in shining armor all her life. Never finding a man to measure up to the one of her imagination, she and her three closest friends take a dream vacation to England. Yet, strange things begin happening while visiting Bamburgh Castle, but how could they have known they’d find themselves thrown back more than eight hundred years into the past?

Riorden de Deveraux travels to Bamburgh answering the summons of King Henry II knowing his past life is about to catch up with him. But nothing prepares him for the beautiful vision of a strangely clad ghost who first appears in his chamber, let alone the fact he begins having a conversation with her.

Centuries are keeping them apart until Time gives them a chance at finding love. But there are obstacles threatening the fragile bit of hope that Riorden and Katherine can remain together. Will the past of one consume what their future may hold, or will Time take the decision from them and hurtle Katherine forward to where she truly belongs?

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