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It’s week eight for our Medieval Monday villain’s theme and today’s guest is Cathy MacRae with her characters from The Highlander’s French Bride. Happy reading and enjoy!

Sometimes betrayal is closer than you think

Melisende raised her hands to embrace her sister. “Lucienne, stop! You can live with us.”

Lucienne waved her away. “Non.”

Melisende’s arms fell to her sides. “Why would you go back to such a life?”

“To the parties,” Lucienne answered, “and the gowns of fabrics so fantastic they make you cry from the sheer pleasure of them. Laces so delicate they can scarcely withstand the needle. Embroidery so fine it takes four seamstresses a week just to produce one sleeve.” Her eyes closed and rapture lit her face. “The men so courteous, so eager to woo me. Dancing, stealing kisses behind the fountain. They tell me how beautiful I am, how much they desire me.”

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