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Today’s guest on Medieval Monday is Laurel O’Donnell and her characters from Angel’s Assassin. Enjoy this excerpt as we continue our villains theme!



“You remember,” Roke hissed with an approving nod.  “It took you months to forget that girl.  But I never did.  I thought that somehow, someway if I could use your feelings for her… if I could somehow feed on your compassion… I would have control over you.”  His jaw hardened.  “She is, indeed, beautiful.  And virtuous.  A good woman.”  Roke spit the last words from his mouth with distaste.  “When her father decided to betroth her, I could not let her slip away.  I could not let another take that kind of power from me.  The power to control you.”

“She means nothing to me,” Damien insisted.

“Really?” Roke asked.  “Then why didn’t you kill her?  Why did you become her bodyguard instead?”

“Because you sent more assassins after her.  I wasn’t going to let someone take my freedom from me.”  Damien stood unmoving, hoping Roke would take his reasoning as fact.

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You can learn more about Laurel and her work on her website.