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Welcome to my blog, my lovelies. Today I’d like to introduce you to my next release in the Lyon’s Den Connected World: To Claim A Lyon’s Heart! I jumped at the chance to write in this connected world especially knowing I had several widows who have been waiting for their happily-ever-after ending.

Vincent St. John, the Marquis of Saxton is a brand new character but you’ve seen Mrs. Moriah Henshaw before. She made her first appearance in my novella A Kiss for Charity and has been associated with my “Wicked Widows Club” for the past several years. I just know you’re going to love Vincent and Moriah’s journey to finding love!

To Claim A Lyon’s Heart
Lyon’s Den Connected World

Release Date: June 21, 2023
By Sherry Ewing

A gambler’s bet. A widow’s burden. Will one game of chance change their lives?

Vincent St. John, Marquis of Saxton, knows full well his duties to the duchy. His responsibilities have been drilled into him since his birth. He has no chance of finding a bride who will see him for who he truly is; they only see the title, not the man. A bet with Mrs. Dove-Lyon, the Black Widow of Whitehall, is just a diversion. Losing may win him everything.

Mrs. Moriah Henshaw has known her fair share of despair. The death of her parents and later her husband left her destitute with no option but to become a man’s mistress. Years later, her tarnished reputation outweighs her excellent birth, and keeps her from being accepted back into society. When her friend pays an outrageous sum to Mrs. Dove-Lyon to find Moriah a husband, Moriah cannot believe she will win anything.

When Vincent meets Moriah, he becomes determined to return her to her rightful place in society. But one accident after another threatens Moriah’s life, and neither of them will win in the game of love unless he can find out who is out to harm her.

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