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It’s been a week since I’ve been home now from the Historical Romance Retreat and I must admit I’m having major withdrawals. After having to wait for the last two years for a reunion, it was wonderful to finally get back together, dress up in lovely gowns, and just spend time with some incredible authors and readers.

My daughter has been planning better than I ever did and added to her collection of historical clothing. Honestly, I didn’t think the packages would ever stop arriving! She really brought her A-game to #HRR22!

From the first night get together:

To a Regency Fair workshop I was asked to help out with… I had a game called Down the. Clown or as I would like to say Down the Regency Rake:

To afternoon tea that is always a lovely affair:

Thursday evening’s event was Revolutionary and my daughter won one of the raffle baskets! I even had to pay a tax to take a picture of the king and queen. lol

Friday began with Tiara Friday, a pool party and on to a Scottish Ceilidh.

And finally on Saturday was the Book Fair and the final Ball:

A special word of thanks and lots of love to VJ and Rosa with Period Finery. The gowns I rented were spectacular. I may have to deplete my savings account to buy a few more. Honestly… you two were a wonder!

And after multiple wardrobe changes and a farewell breakfast, we were on our way home. Somewhere in all this luggage and boxes I was sitting here in the backseat. We made a stop in Solvang which is a cute little Danish town. I even got to feed an ostrich… the greedy fellows. I know my daughter and her boyfriend were certainly glad they didn’t have to load and unload the car anymore with each trip to a new hotel

Which more or less brings me to the end of my recap of the fabulous retreat. If you’ve never been, you don’t want to miss out on HRR23 that will bring up back to the Westgate Hotel in San Diego!

Giveaway Opportunity!

I’ve come back from #HRR22 with a few extra books so I’m running a Rafflecopter giveaway through October 23rd. For a chance to win, here’s the link and good luck! http://www.rafflecopter.com/rafl/display/bdaa8f0812/?

Until the next time, I’m certain I’ll see you on our mutual social media links!

Always a fun time with my daughter and the shenanigans we get into!