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It’s week two for Medieval Monday, my lovelies, and I have a new author to introduce to you. Please welcome Sophia Nye who has a snippet from her novel a Highland Autumn. Isn’t the cover just lovely? Happy reading and enjoy!


He paced the small solar. Once, years ago, he had spent hours in this room with his sister. The morning before she birthed his niece, she had sat in the corner chair. The sun had streamed in just the same as it was this day. He continued his walk across the room. Back and forth, over and over, as though he could walk his troubles right out.

A Highland Autumn
Seasons of Scotland Book 1

A murder, a mix-up, and a midnight missive make for one unforgettable Highland romance…

When a fiery, red-haired Englishwoman falls for the laird’s charming, off-limits son, their passion ignites a fire that threatens to engulf the clan.

Ronan Calder, eldest son of Clan Calder’s laird, is going to stay as far away from marriage as he can get. After losing his mother and beloved sister during childbirth, Ronan knows there is no way he could ever inflict such a fate upon any woman. Things get a little complicated when he meets the enchanting new scholar and mistakes her for his future bride.

Adelina Matheson has every intention of becoming the first female scholar at Oxford, and the quick wit to prove it. The only thing she’s missing is permission to attend lectures. When the masters challenge Adelina to serve as advisor to a Highland laird in exchange for entry, she is left with little choice. She agrees to the challenge – surely she can manage such a simple task to prove herself.

Except that once Adelina arrives at Calder Keep, she realizes that nothing about her task is simple. She must battle her alarming attraction to the laird’s handsome son while enduring the laird’s beastly temper. The only other Englishwoman is also her competition for Ronan’s affection, and the entire clan is under threat of attack at the upcoming Samhain celebration. Can Ronan and Adelina put aside their personal troubles and save Clan Calder, or will they doom the entire clan?

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