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Welcome to another wonderful First Kiss Friday. Today’s guest is Chasity Bowlin who has an excerpt from What Happens in Piccadilly and is part of her Hellion Club series. We hope you enjoy this excerpt. Happy reading, my lovelies!


Winn had never been so angry in his life. In fact, he’d never known another person who had the ability to make him as angry as Miss St. James, his employee,  just had. Where in the devil had that come from? He was torn between wanting to throttle her and wanting to— He stopped the thought. He knew precisely what it was he wished to do with Miss St. James and he also knew that even considering it was nothing more than the path to ruination. Kissing Calliope St. James would surely bring about nothing less than his doom. Yet he could think of nothing else. 

Perhaps it was the fact that through the course of their angry and heated exchange they had somehow closed the distance that separated them until they were facing off toe to toe. He wanted to step back. There was no question that he should step back. But he didn’t. Instead, he inched forward until he could see her pupils dilate, until he could hear the soft hitch in her breathing and feel the rush of it as she finally exhaled. But she didn’t back away either. And as her head tipped back, her face lifting toward his, her lashes drifted lower. He was lost. Even knowing it was a mistake, he was unable to resist. 

He leaned in, touched his lips to hers. It was only a whisper of a kiss, but it felled him as surely as a volley from a cannon. Against every urge that gripped him, he didn’t take her into his arms. He didn’t deepen the kiss. Instead, he simply settled his lips more firmly upon hers and committed the texture of them, the taste of them and the lightning bolt sensations they stirred in him, to memory. Because even as he kissed her, he knew it was an error that could never be repeated but would often be remembered. 

It lasted only seconds, although it altered him forever. Some things, once done, could never be undone. And having tasted her lips once, it would now haunt him for all his days. He acknowledged that, acknowledged that he’d made a terrible error in judgement, and that he regretted it not in the least. Then he simply drew back from her and stared down into her upturned face and confused gaze. 

She stared up at him for a moment, one hand drawn up to her plump, rosy lips. “Why did you do that?”  

Winn shrugged. “I cannot say.” 

“You don’t know why you kissed me?” she demanded, as if that was somehow more offensive than the liberties he had just taken.  

A heavy sigh escaped him and he looked away from her for just a moment, long enough to get his bearings. Then he answered, “I know why I kissed you, Miss St. James. And I know why I would very much like to kiss you again. But those explanations are even more inappropriate than my behavior has been. So, no, Miss St. James, I cannot say.” 

What Happen in Piccadilly:
 The Hellion Club Book 3

By Chasity Bowlin

There’s no such thing as just a kiss

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Chaos! That is what greets Miss Calliope St. James when she enters the household of her prospective employer, Lord Winn Hamilton, the Earl of Montgomery. The newly appointed guardian for his nieces and nephew, he’s clearly a man who has no idea what to do with children… and they are children who clearly know when the adults in charge haven’t a clue what they’re doing. But he is handsome. Terribly, temptingly handsome even when he’s maddening.  
Winn thought it was bad enough when his home was overrun with children hell-bent on driving him insane. Then their new governess arrived… and she looks like no governess he’s ever seen. Distractingly beautiful, maddeningly forthright, frustratingly capable—he’s equal parts attracted to her and infuriated by her. 

And then he sees the portrait… the portrait that changes everything. Because Calliope St. James isn’t just the abandoned and unwanted child of unknown parents as she’s always been led to believe. If Calliope is who he thinks she is, she’s very, very wealthy and there are powerful people in the highest reaches of society who want her very, very dead. 

To keep her safe, he’ll have to keep her close, and that presents them both with an entirely different sort of danger.

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About the author: 

USA Today Best Seller, Winner of the 2019 Romance Through the Ages Award for Georgian/Regency Romance, and 2020 RONE Award winner, Chasity Bowlin is the author multiple bestselling historical romance novels, both independently and with Dragonblade Publishing. She lives in central Kentucky with her husband, their son, and their menagerie of animals. She loves writing, loves traveling and enjoys incorporating tidbits of her actual vacations into her books. She is an avid Anglophile, loving all things British, but specifically all things Regency. 

Growing up in Tennessee, spending as much time as possible with her doting grandparents, soap operas were a part of her daily existence, followed by back to back episodes of Scooby Doo. Her path to becoming a romance novelist was set when, rather than simply have her Barbie dolls cruise around in a pink convertible, they time traveled, hosted lavish dinner parties and one even had an evil twin locked in the attic. 

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