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Welcome to another First Kiss Friday! My guest today is Lana Williams who is offering an eBook of her novel A Rogue No More to one lucky commenterIsn’t this cover just beautiful and this excerpt is going to make you rush out to get yourself a copy! Be sure to read all the way to the end and comment to be in the running for Lana’s giveaway. Happy reading, my lovelies, and enjoy!

First Kiss Scene:

Annabelle looked beautiful this evening in her lilac gown. A white ribbon with tiny pearls was wound amidst her brown curls, softening her appearance. Thomas was as fascinated by her feminine beauty as he was by her ability to write clever, gritty mysteries. The woman was a conundrum, and damn if he didn’t like puzzles. That was one of the reasons he’d enjoyed her book so much.

“And?” Her lips were parted ever so slightly as she listened to him, her head tilted to the side. If he didn’t know better, he’d think she was trying to entice him into kissing her.

Need coursed through him at the thought, eliminating all others. His hand lifted as if of its own accord to touch the softness of her cheek. Had the kiss they’d shared all those months ago been as titillating as he remembered? He had to know.

“And I would like to kiss you,” he whispered in the darkness, desperately hoping she’d agree. “May I?”

Her eyes widened as if surprised he’d asked. “Yes.”

Before he could remind himself why this was a bad idea, he kissed her. Her lips were firm beneath his, and she responded with cautious enthusiasm as if she, too, were curious to see if what they’d experienced before had been an anomaly.

He deepened the kiss, using his tongue to encourage her to allow him entrance. Her mouth tasted sweet and held a hint of champagne. Their tongues swirled while they explored what pleased the other. Passion quickly rose to blot out all else. He placed his hands on her waist and drew her against him, enjoying the feel of her curves and appreciating how well she fit against him.

Before he could decide whether he was delighted or dismayed to realize the kiss was everything he’d remembered and more, she eased back.

“Mr. Raybourne.” Her breathlessness nearly made him grin. He liked the idea that she was as unnerved by the kiss as he was.

“Thomas, please.” He dearly wanted to hear his given name on her lips. He realized just how attracted he was to her when she ran a finger along his cheek where he knew his dimple appeared.

“Thomas.” She said his name slowly as if becoming accustomed to it. That only made him want to kiss her again.

“Annabelle.” He’d thought her name so often that it came naturally to him, rolling off his tongue with ease. “I should very much like to kiss you again.”

She hesitated rather than immediately saying no, much to his delight, her gaze fixed on his cravat. “I wonder if that would be wise.”

He leaned close, his lips a breath away from hers, and her dark gaze darted up to meet his. The desire that rose inside him as he looked into those eyes took him aback. Yet not even the hounds of hell could’ve pulled him away. “I think it would.”

The small gasp that escaped her convinced him she felt it too—this elemental attraction that refused to be ignored.

A Rogue No More
By Lana Williams

Thomas Raybourne is tasked by his eldest brother to set aside his roguish ways and make a profitable endeavor out of the publishing company their father, the Earl of Carlington, started prior to his death. Bleary-eyed and reluctant, he takes on the assignment, surprised to realize the company’s bestseller is a gritty mystery written by A. Golden. Now he need only convince the author to write a second bestseller so he can turn around the company and help replenish his family’s finances. But discovering the talented author’s true identity upends his world.

Annabelle Gold has carefully guarded the fact that she writes under the name of A. Golden, but when her editor doesn’t return her inquiries about publishing a second book, she is forced to visit Artemis Press. She’s stunned to discover Thomas behind the desk—the very man who tempted her to steal a kiss on a dark terrace months ago. Despite that unsettling moment, she intends to focus on her career, not marriage.

The pair strike a deal to publish Annabelle’s second book, but soon discover a murderer is copying scenes from her first book. Now, they must identify the killer before he strikes again. Thomas knows he’s out of his league, both with Annabelle and the investigation, but he finds an unexpected ally in her and can’t resist exploring the passion he finds in her arms. Her belief in him makes him think he might be more than the worthless bounder his father always called him. Annabelle wonders if Thomas is more than a rogue as his courage and cleverness—not to mention his kisses—make her reconsider her plans for the future.

Not only are their hearts in danger, but their very lives. Can they stop the killer before he strikes again with one of them as the next victim?

Buy Link:  https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0895HVNX3 (Read for free in Kindle Unlimited)

Author Bio:

Lana Williams is a USA Today Bestselling and Amazon All-Star Author who writes historical romance filled with mystery, adventure, and sometimes a pinch of paranormal to stir things up. Filled with a love of books, Lana put pen to paper and decided happy endings were a must in her stories.

Her latest series is The Rogue Chronicles, set in the Regency era, where rogues meet their match in the most delightful way. The Seven Curses of London series, set in Victorian London, is about men and women who attempt to battle the ills of London, and the love they find that truly gives them something worth fighting for.

Find out more about her other nearly thirty books set in the Regency, Victorian, and Medieval eras at her website.

Social Media Links:

Website https://lanawilliams.net/
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/LanaWilliamsBooks
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/authorlanawilliams/
Twitter https://twitter.com/LanaWilliams28
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