Welcome to another First Kiss Friday. Today I’d like to introduce you to Charlotte Henry who is a fellow chapter member of my local Romance Writers of America group. I think you’re going to love this first kiss scene from The Rogue to Ruin, along with Charlotte’s giveaway opportunity. Happy reading, my lovelies, and enjoy!


“No matter how long it has taken, you have surely ruined me for any other woman. And I would have it no other way.”

She made a tiny sound into the front of his coat.

“My dear … what have I said that was funny?”

She lifted her face, filled with joy, her eyes sparkling with laughter even as they swam with tears. “On our first anniversary, I will tell you.”

“Once again we are putting the cart before the horse,” he said, kissing her eyelids, her nose, her cheeks. “We must climb the cliff and tell your family before anything else happens to complicate what should be perfectly simple. What will be.”

She hugged him. “In a little while. Come. Sit with me on the rocks and let us watch for the morvoronyon.”

“There are no mermaids in this modern age, you minx. Though I used to wonder if you had a little morvoren in your blood, you were so fond of the water.”

He let her pull him out of the little chapel and down to the flat, golden rocks where they had played in the sea as children. He spread his handkerchief on the stone for her to sit upon, and their feet dangled over the edge.

“The memories I made here with you are some of the best of my life.” He could not help slipping his arm around her, now that he had the right to do so. She leaned her head upon his shoulder as though it was the most natural thing in the world. They fit together like two pieces of a puzzle. “Life at Rosevear Court was not happy in those early years. You and your family were all that kept a young boy from despair.”

She looked at up him, love shining in her eyes. “We will make new memories there. The Court is being rebuilt, and we will fill it with a family of our own. The rooms will ring with music and laughter, for our doors will always be open to our friends.”

“I can hear it now.”

“Perhaps you hear the mermaids singing,” she teased.

“Perhaps it is my heart singing.”

And he took her mouth in a kiss that rocked him to his core. They fell into the warmth and the delight of each other as they sealed their promises with kisses, the sun warm upon them and the sea murmuring at their feet, in this place whose enchantment had at last brought them back to the beginning.

The Rogue to Ruin
by Charlotte Henry

He is a penniless baronet. She is the wealthy great-granddaughter of a tradesman.
Can these childhood friends find their way back to each other when scandal strikes them both?

Sir Perran Geoffrey needs a wealthy bride to repair his family estate and to bring his sister out in Society. But what woman with money and standing will accept him as a husband—practically penniless, his title under a cloud thanks to his ne’er-do-well father, and an estate far away in Cornwall?

Alwyn Penrose and her two sisters are in London for their first Season. Imagine their surprise when they meet the heirs of the neighboring estates—gentlemen whom they are barely allowed to acknowledge. For to be seen with the Rogues of St. Just means the death of one’s reputation. Except that Alwyn is seen. More than once. And the gossip spreads all the way to the sacred portals of Almack’s, which close in her face and end her hopes for a good marriage forever.

The ruin of her Season is Perran Geoffrey’s fault. And when they are both forced to return to Cornwall, only one thing is clear: One good ruination deserves another.

The Rogues of St. Just. They may be the most shocking men in Mayfair, but their hearts are all too vulnerable at home.







Charlotte Henry is the author of 24 novels published by Harlequin, Warner, and Hachette, and a dozen more published by Moonshell Books, Inc., her own independent press. She writes the Rogues of St. Just series of Regency romances, as Shelley Adina, writes the Magnificent Devices series of steampunk adventure, and as Adina Senft, writes Amish fiction. She holds an MFA in Writing Popular Fiction, and is currently at work on a PhD in Creative Writing at Lancaster University in the UK. She won the Romance Writers of America RITA Award® for Best Inspirational Novel in 2005, and was a finalist in 2006. When she’s not writing, you can find Charlotte sewing historical dresses, traveling for research, reading, or enjoying the garden with her flock of rescued chickens.


Website: http://www.charlotte-henry.com
Twitter: @shelleyadina
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/authorcharlottehenry/
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