Welcome to another First Kiss Friday. Today it’s my pleasure to welcome bestselling author Emily EK Murdoch who has her first kiss scene from her latest novella, Whirlwind with a Wolfe. Happy reading and enjoy, my lovelies!


He had never wanted a woman more in his life, but not just for the pleasures of the flesh, but the meeting of two minds. Two rebels without parents to protect them, two people trapped in a hunting lodge, in a whirlwind, who wanted each other. Without the cares of the world holding them back.

“I know,” he spoke low, “that right this moment, whatever happens here will never be spoken about. We can tell the world we met as old friends, and my brothers and their wives would be here. ‘Tis a story all will believe, for why would we lie? No scandal, no loss of reputation, just the chance to…”

Emrick’s voice trailed off, unable to voice the hope in his heart–and his loins. And yet her reputation would already be sullied, missing from her home in the company of a gentleman, no chaperone to keep them apart.

Perhaps he could lie. His servants would certainly repeat whatever he told them. Whatever he needed to do to get Alice into his bed.

“I swear to you,” he breathed. “I will do everything to protect your honour beyond these walls.”

Alice leaned toward him, her lips parted, and Emrick could not turn away from them.

And then she leaned back. In a whisper, she asked, “But why should I trust you? Plenty of gentlemen seduce young women, and they are never able to recover their reputation.”

Emrick smiled. “Some would say the memories of pleasure given were more than enough payment for the loss of reputation.”

He saw the twitch of her fingers at his words, saw the curiosity in her face.

“Pleasure,” she repeated softly.

“Pleasure. ‘Tis an incredible thing, when a man loves a woman, giving her all the delight that her body and his can make.”

Alice’s eyes flickered over him.

“I…I have often wondered,” she admitted in a low whisper. “And yet, ‘tis not to be done by those of good society.”

Emrick swallowed. “No one would ever know. This could be the one opportunity for you to discover what rapture a man can give you before you take to the marriage bed.”

She laughed softly, her head slightly inclined to one side. “And you are the gentleman to give me such rapture, are you?”

Emrick did not have the words to tell her how much he admired her, how he respected her, how he would do almost anything in that moment to claim her.

He raised his hand and placed it on her leg, just below her hip. She was warm, but he was warmer. The thin material of the dressing gown could not hide the quiver of anticipation that thrilled through her. Emrick gently caressed her thigh and toward her core where he wanted to tease and tempt and then thrust himself into.

Alice did not move away, and she moaned.

There was no more holding back. Emrick leaned forward and crushed his lips to hers and tasted the sweet welcome of a woman who actually wanted him. His tongue caressed her lips until it met her own. His hand stroked tantalisingly across her thigh, removing the dressing gown material, brushing against the rougher material of her
undergown. She moaned in his mouth at the contrasting sensations.

A man in search of a woman – but not the one he’s accidentally abducted…

After family fortunes descend, Miss Alice Reynolds has no choice but to leave her life as a lady behind and take up work as a lady’s maid. She had expected nothing but boredom when her mistress’s family decided to visit Wales, so when a stranger abducts her, she really shouldn’t feel this intrigued – or this alive.

Lord Emrick de Wolfe was determined to make his beloved pay for her treachery, but after unhooding his captive in his Welsh hunting lodge, he hardly expected a chit of a girl instead.

Desperate to prove himself to his father and furious with himself for taking the wrong woman, sparks fly as two strong personalities meet – and collide.

But with the notorious storms of the Welsh valleys descending, the mismatched pair are alone, trapped, and forced to discover more about each other than they could have ever expected.

With a whirlwind outside and inside their hearts, will the growing attraction between a woman abducted and a de Wolfe ever lead to something?

Or does Miss Alice Reynolds have even more secrets to reveal than Lord Emrick de Wolfe could ever dream of? Who is the true captive of the de Wolfes?

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