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Available for Pre-order ~ Her Cadillac Cowboy ~ Rue Allyn’s Premier Indie-published Book

My primary concern as an author is that my readers get the book my blurb and opening lines promise them, that they not only get what they pay for, but a satisfying, even heart-melting, read as well, I have a few readers with whom I’ve held this discussion. I’d like to share the results with you and discover how Her Cadillac Cowboy measures up.

What qualities does a reader want in a book on which you spend your hard-earned dollars? Well I know the characteristics I and my discussion group readers look for, genre, author rep, originality, ease of purchase. Does Her Cadillac Cowboy have all of these? Let’s take a look:

  1. Genre: Genre isn’t just a matter of does this book fall into the category of book I’m looking to read. Too often, the book is categorized as romance or historical, or both and it comes up short on the historical side or on the romance side. Example, the ‘history’ presented in the book is completely implausible. Or, the romance only shows up as an aside. That is, the romance is poorly integrated into the action and emotional arcs of the story. Her Cadillac Cowboy is a contemporary romance with comedic elements. The story actually does take place in the present day. Details such as cell phones, lack of newspapers, and various types of junk food—to name only a few—are used appropriately and with very little fanfare—throughout the book to help the reader stay in the story. I say comedic elements, because there are some fairly funny incidents related in the story—well my editor said she LOL’d. I too think the story is funny in some ways. However, I’m making promises about genre to readers. Opinions vary greatly as to what is funny and what is not. Hence, I describe the book as having comedic elements rather than calling it a romantic comedy outright. Her Cadillac Cowboy has some very serious moments, so it isn’t entirely comedic. I’m not promising my readers a laugh on every page.
  2. Author Reputation: This is difficult for me to discuss as pertains to my own work. My discussion group said an author’s reputation for consistency in authorial vice and writing quality are a must. Most authors get only one chance—if that much—to prove themselves to a new reader. I do this too. If my first experience of a new to me author’s writing is not satisfactory or fails to deliver on the book’s promise, I’ll never buy another book by that author. I don’t have a huge reputation—that’s very difficult to achieve in today’s book market. But I believe that my authorial voice and writing quality are consistent. In other words, people who have read a Rue Allyn book will probably tell you that they got what they paid for, or that the author fulfilled her promises.
  3. Originality—This quality is also difficult to discuss, but because there really are only three plot lines—Man vs Man, Man vs Nature (or ‘unnature’ if you read paranormals), and Man vs God. I could bore you into the next century with explanations and examples of how these three plot lines work, but I hope you’d rather know how Her Cadillac Cowboy measure’s up in terms of originality. Time for a confession. Her Cadillac Cowboy was previously published. I wrote it, under a different name, but a now non-existent publisher bought the rights (returned to me when they went out of business) and produced the book for sale to the general public. Even the first edition of this book was highly original in the situations, conflicts, and characters presented to the reader. Having been revised and edited with the aid of one of the best editors in the publishing business, Her Cadillac Cowboy is now even better.
  4. Purchasing Ease—I would give Her Cadillac Cowboy middle marks for purchasing ease. First it isn’t available until March 18th, several weeks from now. Even then, the book will be available exclusively on Amazon. Many folks don’t like to buy from Amazon. If you are in that group, Amazon’s exclusive distribution rights expire in mid-June. At that time, I plan to distribute Her Cadillac Cowboy on as may platforms as I can manage, since like many other authors, I’m doing this entire job—writing, editing, and marketing—on my own.

To sum up how well Her Cadillac Cowboy meets reader requirements, I believe most readers will have a satisfying experience. Some will not, but a few might actually want to try another of my books. I hope that’s you. Just in case you are one of those interested in my books, you can get a free sneak peek at my May release, Forever Hold My Heart by signing up for my newsletter here https://www.rueallyn.com/ravonsubscribe/.

Thank you all for taking time to read this blog post. If you wish to comment about the information I’ve shared, please do so in the comment form at the bottom of this post. Now for some details about Her Cadillac Cowboy.

Blurb: A rich cowboy with a classic Cadillac—sounds like the stuff of dreams for a small-town Texas girl, right?  Wrong!  Josh McKinley and his classic car have been Sara Carson’s nightmare since Josh left ten years ago.  Now the cowboy and his Caddy are back.  Sara must choose between loyalty to her family and love for the one man she shouldn’t want.

Is the key to Sara Carson’s heart the Cadillac that their families have been feuding over for ten years?  Or will Josh McKinley have to give up the car he treasures in order to win the woman he loves?

About Rue Allyn: Hi, I’m Rue Allyn, I write heart melting romance novels. Books about characters and adventures in which love triumphs at the darkest moment. The kind of hopeful, steal-your-breath romance that melts a reader’s heart. The type of book I like to read. Hope you will too.


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