Welcome to another First Kiss Friday. It’s always a pleasure to welcome back my dear friend, Tricia Linden. Today, Tricia will be sharing an excerpt from Until She Says Yes. Happy reading and enjoy!



“Signore Kingsley. Is everything alright?” she asked, setting aside her book.

“I had to see you. I’ve come to say goodbye. I’m being sent to San Francisco, for my project. I’ll be leaving for New York soon to make the necessary arrangements.”

“Oh! So, I guess we won’t be meeting this afternoon for our time together.”

He liked that she didn’t call it a lesson, or even a session. She called it their time together. “I didn’t want to leave without saying goodbye.” He took a step forward and she stood to meet him.

“That’s very, umm . . . considerate of you.” She looked up at him with her soft, doe-like eyes and his heart melted like a piece of chocolate held too tightly in one’s fist.

An awkward moment of silence passed, and Kingsley suddenly blurted out, “I was hoping I could get a kiss goodbye.” When her expression turned to one of shock, he added, “For good luck, of course.” He couldn’t believe he had said that out loud. Holding his breath, her waited for her to answer.

“It hardly seems proper,” she countered.

Kingsley let out his breath. She hadn’t exactly said no, and she hadn’t slapped his face, or walked away. All good signs he hadn’t completely destroyed the moment, and there was still a chance he could get the kiss he wanted. “Even in the interest of good luck?” he asked taking a step closer.

Anna Maria looked slightly confused, as if considering her options. “It seems wrong to deny you good luck.”

Taking another step closer, Kingsley asked, “Have you any idea how many times I’ve imagined kissing you?”

Her eyes grew wide, and her sweet, sensual mouth formed a round little O, making her even more tempting, more desirable. Her natural innocence was both beguiling and challenging. Without even trying, she set his heart racing. His breath caught in his chest. Everything deep inside him went tight and hard with desire. Control yourself, he thought. She’s a governess, for Christ’s sake, translating Italian with me, not some courtesan in need of seducing.

Ignoring his own internal warning system, he leaned in and whispered in her ear. “I’ve often imagined kissing you here, on your swan like neck.” His hand came up to brush the slender curve of her neck. Moving his hand, his thumb padded across her cheek, “Or here.” And then, touching a finger to her sweetly curved lips, he added, “or here?”

Anna Maria’s eyes locked onto his, and as if by the sheer power of his will, she seemed frozen in place. Lowering her lashes, she leaned in, narrowing the gap between them. All he needed to do was pull her into his arms. Going slow to test her resistance, he tilted his head and reached for her, covering her luscious lips with his mouth. Oh, the sweet taste of her: spicy and exotic, and slightly forbidden. Warm and inviting, her lips parted ever so slightly and he felt the tip of her tongue brush lightly against his mouth. Encouraged, he pressed harder, with greater passion. Melting against him, her hands came up and cupped his head, grabbing tufts of his hair.

A second later, she pushed him away, and took a quick step back, breaking the spell. “I thought it was only a kiss for luck you wanted. This leads me to think you want something more.”

Until She Says Yes

The socially awkward eldest son of a prominent New York family must defy his family to secure the love of the Italian governess rejected by his mother.

When Anna Maria Lucci leaves her home and family in Italy to work as a governess in the prosperous city of New York, she soon finds herself carelessly shuffled from one wealthy family to the next. She resents their control over her life, but what can she do?  After being banished from her father’s house, she needs the job.

When Kingsley Goddard needs help translating an old Italian text book, he naturally turns to Miss Lucci, the new governess his mother has hired for his younger siblings. It soon becomes clear that spending time with his attractive tutor is much more appealing than the text book she’s helping him translate.

But when Mrs. Goddard learns the governess is flirting with her eldest son she sends Anna Maria packing. She’ll not allow a servant to sit at her table, much less marry her son.

Willing to defy his family, Kingsley must find Anna Maria and hopefully convince her he’ll do whatever it takes until she says yes.

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I believe in life, love and the pursuit of romance and am living happily ever after with my soul-mate in Northern California. “My life is magical, I am truly blessed.”

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