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It’s First Kiss Friday and it’s a pleasure to welcome back my guest Jasmine Haynes who is a NY Times & USA Today bestselling author. Today Jasmine will share an excerpt from Fair Game. Take it away Jasmine!

Thanks so much, Sherry, for having me on your First Kiss Friday blog! You always give us such great excerpts, whether they’re yours or from other fabulous authors. And it’s an honor to be here today.

So I have to tell you about Josie and Kyle’s first kiss in Fair Game. This couple are a little different, some might even call them kinky. And they actually get veeeery intimate before they ever kiss. I know, they do it all backwards! But that’s one of the reasons I love them, because they’re sexy and fun-loving…and they aren’t looking for love. But just maybe love is looking for the two of them. And they can’t get away from fate!

So here is Josie and Kyle’s first kiss…after they’ve had a little fun in the dressing room!

Fair Game (Castle Inc, Book 3) Excerpt:

Bastard. He’d made her lose control again, and it was too damn good. He stood in front of the dressing room mirror knotting his tie while she struggled to get all her clothes back on. Her legs felt weak, her head light, and she wobbled as she stepped into her shoes.

That’s exactly how he made her feel, off balance, all wobbly. She was supposed to have come out of this the victor over him. Instead, he’d given her a cataclysmic climax to which her body still thrummed.

He gave the tie a last pat into place and pulled on his suit jacket. “Which one do you want?” He held up the silver bustier, then the red one.

Josie flipped the price tag. “Two hundred dollars?” She puffed a breath out and looked up at him. “Forget it.”

“I liked you in the silver. With the stockings.”

“I do not have two hundred bucks to spend on something like that.” She yanked her jacket up her arms.

“I’m not asking you to pay for it. It’s a present.”

“I don’t accept presents that expensive.” Which her mother thought totally appalling. After all, a woman was worth as much as a man was willing to spend on her. And usually more. Josie had never liked the obligation. A man could think he owned you if he gave you lots of pretty things. That made it too easy for him to take something away, like your sense of self-worth. You were special only if he thought you were special. She wouldn’t depend on a man, and she wouldn’t owe him anything either.

Kyle tipped his head to one side. His eyes seemed bluer, maybe picking up the blue stripe of his tie. Dark-haired guys weren’t usually blue-eyed, they were either brown or hazel, and certainly not that deep shade.

Then he sighed. “Fair enough. How about the stockings?” He flipped over the package she’d stuck the fishnets back into. Reading the price, he held it up for her to see. “This okay?”

She felt kind of stupid, making a fuss about it, since it didn’t seem like a big deal to him. “Yeah. That’s fine.” Jeez, twenty bucks for a pair of nylons with holes in them. “Thank you,” she added, then started gathering all the hangers off the hooks.

“I do think the saleslady will clear those up for you.”

She considered, then put them all back except for one pair of frilly, excessively girly panties. She was just full of ideas these days, and she was having a brilliant one right now.

Outside in the main shop, the saleslady beamed, even if they weren’t carrying the expensive corset. “Oh, you’ve found what you wanted,” she said, the smile in her voice, too.

Okay, so she probably hadn’t heard what was going on in the dressing room for—Josie glanced at her watch—good God, half an hour.

“The stockings were amazing,” Kyle said. If Josie could see his eyes, she knew they’d be sparkling. He handed the package to the woman who headed back behind the glass-topped sales counter.

“And don’t forget this one, honey.” Josie held up the frilly underwear, then batted her eyelashes at him as she laid the hanger on the counter beside the stockings. “They looked perfect on you.” Then she winked at the saleswoman. “They were a tad small, but then he’s such a big man, I don’t think they make them large enough.”

Kyle started coughing, covering his mouth, and dammit, his eyes were still sparkling. Oddly enough, the clerk didn’t lose one centimeter of her smile as she rang everything up.

Outside, Kyle grabbed her hand and pulled her around a corner. “Naughty little bitch,” he said, just before his mouth came down on hers.

Oh my Lord. His mouth. Heaven. She’d never been a smoocher. But God, she could make out with this man for hours. He tasted of breath mints, his lips were warm, his tongue expert. The kiss lasted fifteen seconds, but it left her dizzy. And wanting more.

He shoved the bag of lingerie into her hands. “Payback is coming,” he whispered.

Fair Game Blurb

Between them, everything is fair game…

Josie Tybrook is obsessed with her career and proving herself in the family business. Late for a meeting on the latest project she’s in charge of, she pushes her way onto a packed elevator car. When the elevator lurches slightly, jostling her into the very sexy man standing behind her, Josie can’t resist one single naughty act. And nothing will ever be the same.

After that risqué encounter in a crowded elevator, Kyle Perry wants way more out of Josie than simply having her run his refurbishment project. When she’s determined to keep everything business, Kyle has no choice but to issue a sizzling erotic challenge Josie can’t resist. They embark on a passionate secret affair that quickly escalates to a battle of wills, the sexual challenges heating to the boiling point.

But when Josie is faced with losing everything she’s worked so hard for, will the final battle be for her heart?

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NY Times and USA Today Bestselling author Jasmine Haynes loves giving readers sexy, classy stories about real issues like growing older, facing divorce, starting over. Her books have passion, heart, humor, and happy endings, even if they aren’t always traditional. She also writes gritty, paranormal mysteries in the Max Starr series. As Jennifer Skully, she writes laugh-out-loud romantic comedies laced with a heavy dose of mystery. Look for Jennifer’s new series written with Bella Andre, starting with Breathless in Love, The Maverick Billionaires Book 1. Having penned stories since the moment she learned to write, Jasmine now lives in the Redwoods of Northern California with her husband and their adorable nuisance of a cat who totally runs the household. Join her newsletter for updates on contests, new releases, and freebies by going to www.jasminehaynes.com.


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