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Welcome to the 11th week of our First Encounter theme for Medieval Monday. I would like to welcome back today’s guest, Laurel O’Donnell who has a snippet from her novel, The Angel and the Prince. Don’t forget to leave Laurel a comment here on my blog to be in the running for this theme’s giveaway. The winner will be randomly chosen at the end of this theme. Read on and enjoy!


Ryen’s eyes glittered with the challenge.  No man had ever needed two doses.  But this was the great Prince of Darkness.  A second dosage ought to bend his will, she thought, as she again touched the powder.  The white flecks adhered immediately to her fingers.  She raised her hand, but as she neared he turned away and her fingers brushed his cheek, moving across his open wound.  Ryen pulled back quickly, staring down at his blood on her fingers.  When she looked up she saw the Prince of Darkness force back a cry of pain.  She knew he was cold.  So very cold.  His shoulders were hunched against the chill of the powder.  Her gaze traveled over his naked chest.  She was awed by the size of the corded muscles in his neck and shoulders, the firmness of his chest, the ridges in his flat stomach.  His body shuddered, and then he was still.

Blurb for The Angel and the Prince by Laurel O’Donnell

In this exciting medieval romance, the French lady knight known as the Angel of Death wages a battle of wills and desires against her dreaded enemy — the English warrior known as the Prince of Darkness.

Ryen De Bouriez is a French warrior, dedicated to protecting her country against the hated English. In place of glittering ball gowns, she wears shining armor. Instead of practicing the gentler arts, she wields a sword. Those who whisper her name in fear and awe call her the Angel of Death.

Bryce Princeton is the Prince of Darkness, an English knight sent by his king to find and destroy their most hated adversary — the Angel of Death. Little does he know that his enemy is no man at all, but a beautiful woman who will challenge his heart and honor at every turn.

Forced to choose between love and honor, the Angel and the Prince wage a battle of wills that challenges everything they have ever believed in.

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