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Today on First Kiss Friday I’d like to introduce you to Tina Glasneck who is one of the authors in a group I belong to, Hearts Through Time. Let’s take a look at what Tina is offering today as a first kiss scene between her characters:

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Thank you so much Sherry for allowing me to be on your blog today! Although the second book of my Dragons series, A Dragon’s Desire, has recently released, I wanted to highlight the first book in the series, A Dragon’s Destiny.

A Dragon’s Destiny tells the tale of a young woman, Jaz, who is finding her way in a man’s world, and who believes she is cursed. She also happens to be in love with her best friend’s brother, but is a little too shy to make that move. Of course, when the supernatural gets involved, and the gods begin to work their magic, culminating in a trip back to 1520, Jaz find out what exactly this curse is, and what she is.

If you love time-travel, Norse gods, fantasy, and awesome love stories, I think this book will be a great read for you.

Here is the first kiss between Jaz and her love interest, Erich, her best friend’s brother.

First Kiss Excerpt:

“How do you not know what you do to me? How have you denied me this one kiss for so very long? Do you not know how long I have waited for you to stare upon me and regard me with more than just a passing glance?”

“I didn’t think you were paying attention.”

The overhead lighting wasn’t the most romantic, but in that moment, I didn’t care. He was a warm-bodied male and I was tired of dancing in and out of the fire. I wanted him.

“I’m always paying attention,” he leaned in closer, a heartbeat away. Like two magnets, our lips met. Soft and tender, his kiss deepened, claiming me to him. He pressed me closer, tighter.

I pulled him to me like he was my oxygen, and water. He was everything, a mass built of billions of atoms that hummed, and were charged and ready.

He tasted of mint, and his touch sparked something within me. I’d slumbered so long that I wanted more…no, I needed more.

As I pulled him to me, he took a step back, breathing hard, and diverted his eyes from me.


He ran his fingers through his hair.

“I shouldn’t have done that. I need you to want me, and not based on my wanting you. I need you to want me for me, for who I am.”

“Erich, what are you talking about?”

His face paled and his eyes welled with panic. It was a look I knew too well. It was the look I got when I’d showed up to a formal party in my plaid shirt and department store scuffed shoes.

I refused to think it had something to do with me, but I couldn’t deny that his retreating made it more than evident that again I’d been found wanting.

I wiped my lips and turned away. I couldn’t let him see my hurt. He’d cracked open Pandora’s Box and let out those demons I’d been stuffing down deeper, and hiding away.

“Yeah, I’ll go then. I’m so… so sorry. I must have misread everything.”

I turned to go, and he caught my arm.

“I can’t explain this to you, but know that what we have is destined. I want you. I want you more than I wish for my heart to beat. I want you more than I wish to live.”

“Then why are you pushing me away? I don’t understand.” I knew he was about to tell me about that damn curse and that he didn’t wish to wind up under the wheels of a tractor trailer, but then he did something I wasn’t expecting.

He cupped my face in his hands and kissed me one more time. It felt like goodbye.

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Buy link:

Only on Amazon(KU) https://www.amazon.com/Dragons-Destiny-Book-ebook/dp/B01MDLSW0X/

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Tina Glasneck is a writer of crime fiction and fantasy romance. Her imagination thrives when it comes to hot coffee, great music and laughter. She believes in miracles, the power of positive thinking, and that in each of us a dragon lurks. Learn more about Tina on her website: http://tglasneck.wixsite.com/tglasneck

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