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Today I’m celebrating the release of my newest book: Nothing But Time, A Family of Worth Book One. This prequel has been a long time in the making in preparation of publishing the release of the very first manuscript I ever wrote, One Moment In Time, which will feature Gwendolyn’s brother. You can find more information on Nothing But Time on the tab above or here.

Enjoy this short excerpt of Gwendolyn’s thoughts when she first see Neville Quinn, the Earl of Drayton. I hope you enjoy my newest novel and thank you for your support.


Gwendolyn peeked through lowered lashes at the man who had held her attention. She had not meant to be caught staring at him but she could in no way pull her gaze from his. With a single glance, her heart fell, silently crying at the injustice of it all. No man should be so handsome, nor should she experience a connection with a complete stranger clear on the other side of the room. She gazed into the depths of her tea wondering if perhaps it was laced with something that caused her infatuation with a stranger.

She had watched his companion leave their table and Gwendolyn needed to stifle a satisfied smile the moment he was left alone. His clothes suggested he was wealthy, for they were immaculate. His hair was a deep rich auburn and she could see where the light of the dining room reflected the hints of red within the depths of his locks. His eye color could not be determined from this distance but that did not matter in the least. He was the first man who had ever made her heart flip end over end. Such an emotion certainly never happened with her husband and she knew it ever would.

Nothing But Time, A Family of Work: Book One
Genre: Regency
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