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Today on First Kiss Friday it’s my pleasure to welcome Elizabeth Ellen Carter and her characters from Dark Heart. I just love this beautiful cover and I can’t wait to dive into her latest release. We hope you’ll enjoy this first kiss scene! Happy reading.


Kyna felt it wiser to hold her tongue. It was often the best way to get others to loosen theirs.

She bobbed down to pluck a small, pink, wild flower and twirled it in her hands to give herself something to do with the remains of fear scalding her veins.

When she looked up, Marcus stood much closer, just a hand span away. He bridged it, his larger hands engulfing hers, stilling the movement of the sweet pea in her fingers.

Her attention was caught just as surely as her hands. She imagined she could read an apology in his features although the words were absent.

His hands left hers. Fingers lightly traced up her arm leaving goose bumps in their wake, across her shoulders, then one hand cupped her cheek tenderly. Kyna’s heart pounded again but now it was with a different sort of fear. Feelings and desires she thought dead and buried were being resurrected.

She closed her eyes and savored the feel of his hand on her face. A soft touch to her lips reawakened something else.

She sighed and the kiss deepened.

Her arms wound around the broad expanse of his back. How could she have considered him as cold as marble when, through the linen of his tunic, he was warm flesh and blood?

Warmth suffused her and pooled low in her belly. His lips and tongue sampled her cheeks and her neck, trailing heat.

Crickets competed with the birds to fill the ending day with sound.

Perhaps, Marcus really wasn’t going to murder her. Maybe, his intent was to seduce her to death.


Can the woman who is free in her heart save the man who is a slave in his?

Rome, 235AD

A series of ritual murders of young boys recalls memories of Rome’s most wicked Emperor. Magistrate Marcus Cornelius Drusus has discovered the cult extends to the very heart of Roman society.

Despite his personal wealth and authority, Marcus is a slave to his past – conflicted by his status as an adopted son, bitterly betrayed by his wife and forced to give up his child.

Kyna knows all about betrayal. Sold into slavery by her husband to pay a gambling debt, she found herself in Rome, far from her home in Britannia. Bought by a doctor, she is taught his trade and is about to gain her freedom when her mentor is murdered by the cult.

When the same group make an attempt on her life, Kyna is forced to give up her freedom and accept Marcus’s protection. With no one to trust but each other, mutual attraction ignites into passion but how far will Marcus go for vengeance when he learns the cult’s next victim is his son?

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Dark Heart is exclusively on Amazon $2.99 or free on Kindle Unlimited – https://www.amazon.com/Dark-Heart-Elizabeth-Ellen-Carter-ebook/dp/B06ZYJ54VD/


Elizabeth Ellen Carter is an award-winning historical romance writer who pens richly detailed historical romantic adventures. A former newspaper journalist, Carter ran an award-winning PR agency for 12 years. The author lives in Australia with her husband and two cats.


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