It’s Medieval Monday and today I’ll be sharing excerpt #2 from Jenna Jaxon’s Beleaguered. Happy reading and enjoy!


“May I ask what brings you here so speedily on such a terrible night and under the misapprehension that you are going to marry my wife?”

“Wife? I think not.” Guy appeared to search the ceiling for an answer then withdrew a piece of parchment from his tunic and extended it to Geoffrey. “Had I not already been on my way to Beaulieu to endure the snow with some pleasant company, this paper would have brought me in all haste. It contains an acceptance of my suit for the hand of Lady Alyse. I met Louis with it at the turning of the lane.” He spun around and grabbed Alyse’s hand, bringing it quickly to his lips. His eyes met hers. “This has been far too long in coming, chérie.”

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