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This week’s Medieval Monday begins a new theme – Villains! We all love a good villain don’t we? Let’s start off with a scene from A Knight To Call My Own by yours truly. Happy reading and enjoy!



Lynet’s feet flew across the ground as she ran. She cared not that she felt every stone beneath her feet. The shoes she wore offered no sense of protection from protruding objects under their soft soles. Practically out of breath, she continued her frantic need to escape those who had stolen her from her home. She knew she was losing her battle to outwit those imbeciles who allowed her to take flight in the first place. With the sound of thundering hooves right behind her, she knew her freedom would shortly be at an end.

Raucous laughter erupted behind her and she knew they had her in their sight, although she was certain they would no longer be merry once they returned to camp. She had at least one thing to be grateful for. She remained unsullied by the group holding her hostage, but she was not sure how much tolerance their leader still had for her. Given her latest attempt to escape, Lynet did not think she would be allowed alone again, no matter the amount of begging for privacy she asked for. At least she could tell herself she had tried and put up a fight to obtain her freedom.

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