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I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce fellow Bluestocking Belle Jude Knight who has a new release coming out for our reading pleasure. Let’s learn a little about her along with her new book, Farewell to Kindness. Thank you Jude for being a guest on my blog!

How many books have you written?

I’ve written two historical romances, and am currently working on another two. I’m a commercial writer by trade, and have written many non-fiction books. But story-telling is my passion. I published a novella, Candle’s Christmas Chair, just before Christmas last year, and my first novel Farewell to Kindness is published next week. I have two more novels in progress. I’m currently writing Encouraging Prudence, and researching for A Raging Madness.

What genre (s) do you write?

I write historical fiction set in Regency (or technically late Georgian) British society. My novella was a sweet traditional. My novels have a mix of romance, thriller, and mystery.

What genre do you like to read?

I read sf, historicals, mystery, contemporary, and just about anything else. As long as it is well-written and has authentic convincing characters, I’ll read it.

Is there a special place where you like to write?

I can write anywhere, but at least half of Farewell to Kindness was written on the commuter train to and from work. And much of the rest was written on my knees in bed.

Do people you know end up as characters in your books?

Characteristics of people I know end up in my characters. If I’m upset by something, or thrilled by something, I store it away and deal with it by writing it into a story. When I was writing Candle’s Christmas Chair, I wrote into one character some behaviours that were annoying me at work. People loved the character and want her to have her own story, which was a bit of a shock to me.

Are you a plotter or a pantser?

I’d have to say ‘yes’. I plot carefully, and I do extensive character questionnaires. Then my characters take over and do what they want, and I scurry to catch up. Both Candle and Farewell finished where they were meant to, but neither took the expected route. And Farewell’s major villain was a complete surprise to me, and caused some major rewriting.

What do you consider are your hero’s strengths and weaknesses? Your heroine?

Rede’s greatest strength is his integrity. At the start of the novel, he is trying to be untrue to that integrity in order to pursue his revenge, but his courage, another great strength, allows him to face his fear of loss and be true to himself. His greatest weaknesses are inflexibility and impatience with those who don’t share his values. He needs to learn to consider the views of others.

Anne’s greatest strengths are loyalty and courage. In the novel, she is torn between her loyalty to her sisters and her growing loyalty to Rede. Her greatest weakness is fear: fear of what people will say and do to her and particularly to her sisters.

 Do you have a series planned?

Yes. Farewell to Kindness is the first book in The Golden Redepennings. The second book is A Raging Madness, which will be published in December, and which stars Rede’s cousin Alex. Alex is the injured soldier in Farewell to Kindness.

 What advice would you give to an aspiring author?

Write and keep writing. And when you’re not writing, read. Set a daily word count and stick to it. Make writing what you do whenever you’re waiting for an appointment or a bus; whenever you have a few minutes to spare. If you write 200 words a day, In a year you will have a novel. So just write.

 Tell us what else you have for us coming in the future and where readers can find you.

After Farewell to Kindness, Encouraging Prudence (Prue and David’s story), and A Raging Madness (Alex and Ella’s story) in 2015, I plan to publish Lord Danwood’s Dilemma (Simon and Sophia’s story) and the stories of two of Prue’s sisters in 2016.

The first three all take place in 1807. Lord Danwood’s Dilemma, and the stories of two of Prudence’s sisters follow in 1808. In 1809, the last of the Virtue sisters finds her happy ever after. More stories follow in 1810.

And so it goes. 1811 is a very busy year, and in 1812, the Mountain King and six of his ten children arrive home from Central Asia to take the London Season by storm, which begins the series In the Halls of the Mountain King.

I’ve plots through to 1820, and several that haven’t matured enough to have a setting or a date yet.

See more about me and my stories on judeknightauthor.com

Farewell to Kindness

Regency noir (On prerelease; on sale from 31 March 2015)

Price: US99c to 8 April 2015; USD3.49 from 9 April 2015

For three years, Rede has been searching for those who ordered the murders of his wife and children. Now close to end of his quest, he travels to his country estate to be close to the investigation.

He is fascinated by the lovely widow who lives in one of the cottages he owns. A widow who pays no rent. A widow, moreover, with a small daughter whose distinctive eyes mark her as as the child of his predecessor as Earl.

Six years ago, Anne blackmailed Rede’s predecessor at arrow-point for an income and a place to livein hiding from her guardian’s sinister plans for her and her sisters. He no longer has legal rights over her, but the youngest sister is still only 18. He cannot be allowed to find her.

Rede is everything she has learned not to trust: a man, a peer, a Redepenning. If he discovers who she is, she may lose everything.

To build a future together, Rede and Anne must be prepared to face their pasts.

Heat: PG13 edging towards R in places

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Jude Knight writes strong determined heroines, heroes who can appreciate a clever capable woman, villains you’ll love to loathe, and all with a leavening of humour.

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