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Today was one of those days where I just had to take some time for myself. It’s not often that I get out in the field at work. My day job is extremely busy in the IT field especially when we’re down a couple of people. But today, I had the opportunity to head out to one of the greatest areas in the Bay Area.

Muir Woods is a hidden gem just minutes from the hustle and bustle of city living. A short drive from the Golden Gate Bridge and you’re soon leaving all the noise behind. A two lane windy road takes you up the mountain until you can see the ocean off in the distance before dropping down into the trees.

It seems the minute you pass under the archway of the park, a peacefulness reaches out to your soul. Only the sound of your footsteps on the boardwalk breaks the silence of the forest. Today, there weren’t many people on the trail. The feeling of being alone with nature only enhanced the experience that I was undergoing. A sigh of contentment left my lips. It had been far too long since I was able to fulfill a side of me that had been missing since I left rural Nevada. I may live in the city, but I swear I’m a country girl at heart.

You can’t help but feel impressed with the quiet giant redwoods that are towering overhead. Taking a moment, I closed my eyes. Since it had rained just this morning, all my senses seemed alive. The tinkling sound of the stream flowing over the rock bed, the rich smell of the earth, the trees and ferns were a vibrant green, and even the occasional bird chirping above in the treetops surrounded me. I breathed in the sheer magic of Muir Woods and was thankful I had been able to take the opportunity to enjoy my national park.

I continued my walk until I reached Cathedral Grove. I stopped knowing I didn’t have much time left before I needed to head back. Looking all around me, I thought about how much my younger daughter would have loved to be standing here with me enjoying being out in Mother Nature. I suppose I shouldn’t have been surprised when I felt her near me as tears rushed to my eyes. I swear it was on of those experiences that felt religious.

Realizing break time was about over, I picked up my pace to get back.

I think I reached the half-way point when I had one of those *bangs palm against forehead* moments and pulled out my phone to take a few pictures. If you need to make a call here, you can forget cell phone coverage people. There’s no service which only adds to the appeal of the place. But I met a few people who were just as happy as I was to be taking a stroll as we exchanged a knowing smile and said hello.

Getting back to the office only reaffirmed that I need to get out more as I realized what I’ve been missing for the last few years. Granted things have been pretty crazy for me especially when I’m getting ready to publish my first novel. But still…I think it’s important that we sometimes put things into perspective of what is really important in life. Sometimes it’s the simplest thing like taking a walk in a park that can bring you so much pleasure. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and enjoy wherever you may live. If you’re like me, you’ll come back feeling ready to take on the world and anything life will throw you!