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Ever have one of those moments when you just want to stop everything you’re doing and smell the roses so to speak? I had one of those on Saturday morning while driving to Reno. It was just me and my red Durango, 244 miles of pavement, the Sierra’s as a backdrop to natures beautiful scenery passing my window, the radio turned up and me just singing along. I don’t remember the song that was playing only that a verse (or could have just been a string of a few words) made me wish to pull over as I thought to myself I’m in a really good place in my life right now! I could have shouted it from the mountain tops as tears of joy rushed to my eyes.

It could have been the week I had where my co-worker Angela was sharing in my enthusiasm as I told her about my writing, plans to attend several conferences, and my dream of having my manuscripts gracing the shelf of a local bookstore. Our laughter was infectious while she said I was like a little bird chirping away…tweet…tweet…Laughter…it truly is a gift that makes everything in the world right itself.

It could have been my conversations with my dear friends Evangeline and Mimi as I shared my latest chapters with them. Asking them for advice, asking them for ideas or if anything needed to be changed, or just hearing the validation that what I wrote is a keeper. My older daughter’s input on a couple of things was priceless as well! She chose the title since this book is dedicated to her. I swear I’m on a natural high with the manuscript entitled For All of Ever.

It could have been spending time with my youngest daughter and telling her my next book would be dedicated to her. We went on a tangent, the two of us, as she gave me an idea that I hadn’t even thought of before so now I will start asking her for names of characters so she too will have buy in when I begin the next manuscript.

And maybe, just maybe, it was a combination of everything with a feeling deep inside myself knowing that I am finally taking time for ME! For the first time in my life, I am relying on no one else but myself and I’m doing it just fine. It was long overdue.

Life is so very good and sometimes it takes one of those ah ha moments for you to realize there is a higher being out there watching over us. So take a few minutes out of your busy life and take time for you. Find something that brings you pleasure whether that’s to write that poem or story, to sing, or to just go out and take a good old fashioned walk. What’s important is that you do something for you and you alone and you listen to that little encouraging voice inside of us all.

It’s never too late to go after your dreams, my friends, so take time out to smell the roses. I promise it will be worth the effort if you do!