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It’s First Kiss Friday and today I’m featuring… well… myself and Home For The Holidays… just in time for Christmas. Read on for the first kiss scene for Margaret & Frederick from Under The Mistletoe along with how to enter for your chance to win my giveaway!



Heading into the foyer, Margaret asked for her cloak and Frederick assisted her with donning the garment. He went to the door and opened it wide with his hand extended towards her.

“Walk with me,” Frederick urged.

She took his gloved hand without hesitation. In truth, she would follow him to the ends of the earth, if she must, just to be with him. The snow crunched beneath their feet as he escorted her towards the back of the house and into the nearby trees that would surely offer them a few moments of privacy.

Once they were far enough away from prying eyes, Frederick pulled her into his arms. She had never been this close to him, or any other man for that matter, not since those happy years long ago when they were but children tumbling down a grassy hill as they played. Her shiver had nothing to do with the weather.

“I believe you owe me a kiss, sweet Margaret,” Frederick whispered in a husky, seductive tone that set her soul to flight.

Her hands made their way to rest upon his chest, and she fingered the lapels of his coat. “I promised you no such thing.” She laughed lightly.

“It is tradition, after all, when you stand under the mistletoe, my dearest,” he said with a roguish grin.

Her eyes moved upwards, and her own smile formed. Sure enough, the scoundrel had maneuvered her so a patch of Christmas mistletoe hung high above their heads. “Frederick…whatever am I to do with you?”

“Just love me, Margaret, for all of our days and nights together.”

Any answer she could have given him was cut off as his mouth lowered to hers. Soft lips touched her own, and her breath hitched at their contact. She took a small step forward, and he deepened their kiss even while his arms tightened around. With her heart beating a rapid staccato with his nearness, Margaret’s mind swirled in a dizzying haze while she lost herself in this moment. Her first kiss.

Everything in her world seemed to right itself in this one instant in time, and, for once, her life became balanced. If Margaret had known his kisses would render her senseless, she would have never refused his original offer. They had lost years where they could have been together, perhaps even already having a family of their very own, and it was all her fault. He must have sensed where her thoughts had led her for he ended their kiss abruptly but continued to hold her close to his heart.

“Promise me you shall become my wife,” he murmured against her hair.


The holidays are upon us and there’s nothing like curling up with the gift of a good Christmas book. Enjoy this Regency box set with two of Sherry Ewing’s previously released holiday novellas, A Kiss For Charity & Under The Mistletoe!

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Under The Mistletoe – When Margaret Templeton is requested to act as hostess at Captain Sander Morledge’s Christmas party and possibly agree to marry him, she did not think she would see the man who once held her heart. Frederick Maddock, Viscount Beacham had never forgotten the young woman he had fallen in love with, and his feelings are evident when he sees her at a holiday gathering. In a swirl of Christmas miracles and joyous celebration, will the two finally put down their differences and once again fall in love?

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