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Another Medieval Monday is upon us and today my guest is Barbara Bettis. This is the sixth stop in our villain’s blog hop and she’s sharing an excerpt from The Lady of the Forest. Enjoy!



 “I—we all—thought him dead,” Kate put in, “so I wed Sir Hubert.”

A frown darkened the priest’s face. When Mortimer attempted to speak, the churchman shushed him with a wave and said to Henry, “Do you have a document?”

“It was not official,” Henry answered after a pause. “It happened on the eve of my departure. There was no time.”

“Ha!” Mortimer slammed a hand against the table. “You see? Empty words. There’s no such marriage. Nothing to prevent my taking her to wife. Get on with it, priest, or I’ll find one of your fellows who will.”

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You can learn more about Barbara’s work on her blog at http://barbarabettis.blogspot.com